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Vitalis 2023

A conference tickets grants you access to the digitalt conference program until the end of the year. Vitalis 2024 takes place on May 13-16 at the Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre in Gothenburg, welcome!

The Nordic region, Sweden in particular, features world-class healthcare and research institutions, highly skilled hardware and software expertise, a thriving industry and a strong startup scene. If you are interested in the Nordic market – or in ideas and experiences of the Nordic countries – join us at Vitalis 2024 to get the big picture.

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About Vitalis conference and exhibition

The Vitalis is the Nordic region’s largest conference and exhibition focused on eHealth. The seminars at the conference cover a broad range of topics, from general government information to in-depth discussions and examples of implementations. These seminars provide important tools for those who work with eHealth issues, whether they are involved with patients or are decision-making leaders or politicians.

Vitalis offers a unique combination of a strong conference program and a large exhibition featuring approximately 200 of the industry's leading players showcasing products and services within the areas covered in the lectures.

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Vitalis 2023 was co-arrangement with Medical Informatics Europe (MIE) where the participants got access to both MIE and Vitalis sessions. One ticket two conferences!

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