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Profilbild för One Digital Health for OneAquaHealth: Bridging human health and wellness to interdisciplinary biodiversity preservation

One Digital Health for OneAquaHealth: Bridging human health and wellness to interdisciplinary biodiversity preservation Har passerat

Tisdag 23 maj 2023 13:45 - 15:15 J2

Föreläsare: Anne Moen, Oscar Tamburis, Arriel Benis, Dirk S. Schmeller, Maria João Feio, oscar Tamburis, Catherine Chronaki

Spår: MIE: Special Topic: Caring is Sharing - exploiting value in data for health and innovation




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oscar Tamburis, Arriel Benis, Catherine Chronaki, Anne Moen, Dirk S. Schmeller, Maria João Feio


Profilbild för Anne Moen

Anne Moen Föreläsare

Professor, Coordinator Gravitate-Health
University of Oslo

I am professor in the Faculty of Medicine, University of Oslo. My program of research seeks to better understand digital citizens centered services, based on opportunities to “collect, curate and control” all relevant, personal health information. I am the Coordinator of “Gravitate – Health: Empowering and Equipping Europeans with Health Information from trusted sources for active, safe, secure personal health management and adherence to treatment” which is an Innovation Medicine Initiative Public-Private Partnership (project 945334, IMI2 JU, 2020-2025). Gravitate-Health’s mission is to prepare and test innovative, easy-to-use elegant digital services that actively engage and empower citizens and their support network with access to and understanding of health information from trusted sources. More information is available at

Profilbild för Oscar Tamburis

Oscar Tamburis Föreläsare

Researcher in Health Informatics
National Research Council of Italy

I am a Researcher in Health Informatics from the National research Council of Italy (Institute of Biostructures and Bioimaging) and lecturer in Veterinary Medical Informatics at the University of Naples Federico II (Department of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Productions)

Profilbild för Arriel Benis

Arriel Benis Föreläsare

Associate Professor - Head of Department
Holon Institute of Technology

Prof. Arriel Benis is an Associate Professor at the Holon Institute of Technology (HIT), Israel. He is the head of the Department of Digital Medical Technologies. He is also the head of the "Management of Information and Technologies for Health Systems" track of the M.Sc. of Technology Management. He is additionally involved in the activities of the department Data Science.
Arriel leads the BIA laboratory (Business Intelligence and Automation Lab.), wherein research mainly deals with Data and Information Intelligence, emphasizing Data Science and Artificial Intelligence applications in Health, Medicine, and Industry 4.0. He holds a PhD in Medical Informatics and Artificial Intelligence from Paris North University (today, Université Sorbonne Paris Nord) and an MSc in Medical Informatics and Communication Technologies from Pierre and Marie Curie University (today, Sorbonne University). He has a background in Computer and Information Science and Engineering, and Biomedical Sciences and Engineering. For several years, Prof. Arriel Benis served as a Senior Researcher and Principal Investigator in different organizations in the Health Care, Public Health, and Social Media fields. Arriel is the author of dozens of peer-reviewed papers on Medical Informatics and Public Health. Additionally, he has been involved in different roles in Emergency Medical Services. Prof. Benis leads efforts to develop international academic cooperation worldwide in Medical Informatics, Digital Health, and applied Artificial Intelligence. He occupies several leadership positions in medical information organizations. Arriel is a board member of the Israeli Association for Medical Informatics (ILAMI); the Israeli/ILAMI representative, the co-chair of the Healthcare Informatics for Interregional Cooperation (HIIC) and One Digital Health (funder, ODH) working groups, and Executive Officer at the European Federation for Medical Informatics (EFMI); and the funder and chair of the “One Digital Health” working group at the International Medical Informatics Association (IMIA).

Dirk S. Schmeller Föreläsare


Maria João Feio Föreläsare

University of Coimbra, MARE/ARNET

oscar Tamburis Föreläsare

University of Naples 'Federico II'

Profilbild för Catherine Chronaki

Catherine Chronaki Föreläsare

HL7 Europe