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Profilbild för Users Satisfaction with Recently Deployed Electronic Health Records

Users Satisfaction with Recently Deployed Electronic Health Records Har passerat

Tisdag 23 maj 2023 13:45 - 14:00 G1

Föreläsare: Ove Lintvedt, Luis Marco-Ruiz

Spår: MIE: Health information systems




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Ove Lintvedt, Luis Marco-Ruiz, Rune Pedersen


Ove Lintvedt Föreläsare

Norwegian Centre for E-health Research

Profilbild för Luis Marco-Ruiz

Luis Marco-Ruiz Föreläsare

Senior Researcher
Norwegian Centre for E-health Research

Luis Marco-Ruiz, PhD is a data engineer specialized in the implementation of innovative solutions for secondary use of healthcare data for biomedical research. Dr. Marco-Ruiz joined the Norwegian Centre for E-health Research (NSE) in 2013 where he has worked both in national and international initiatives towards facilitating the use of clinical data for discovering new medical evidence. Among others, he has advised the Norwegian Ministry of Health and the German consortium HiGHmed on the adoption of clinical information standards and biomedical ontologies for nation-wide health research networks. The outbreak of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic redirected his work towards the development of new methods to enable rapid data reuse for gaining knowledge on SARS-CoV-2 and was solution architect in the development of the German National Covid Research Infrastructure (CODEX). Currently, Dr. Marco-Ruiz is a member of the IMIA Working Group for Opensource Health Informatics and a chair of the openEHR Education Program where he actively looks for new insights into the design of open digital health ecosystems.