Huvudbild för Vitalis 2023

Status för revidering av standarden International Patient Summary, arbetet med Reducing Clinicians Burden; ett professionsperspektiv Har passerat

Tisdag 23 maj 2023 13:50 - 14:20 F2

Föreläsare: Bob Hausam, David Schlossman

Spår: Standardisering - Från storpolitik till vårdens vardag - nordiskt och professionsperspektiv




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Bob Hausam Föreläsare

Medical informaticist (NLM fellowship-trained) with industry experience in healthcare software development and implementation,

Active involvement and service in healthcare standards development organizations, including HL7, SNOMED International (IHTSDO), LOINC and others

Co-Chair of HL7 Vocabulary and Orders and Observations (OO) Work Groups

Licensed, board-certified physician in Family Medicine and Clinical Informatics, with significant medical practice experience

Member of the IPS Web Editorial Team. The International Patient Summary is a minimal and non-exhaustive set of basic clinical data of a patient, specialty-agnostic, condition-independent, but readily usable by all clinicians for the unscheduled (cross-border) patient care.

David Schlossman Föreläsare

David Schlossman, MD, PhD, FACP, MSMI, CPHIMS is Principal Consultant at MedInfoDoc LLC and currently works on oncology CDS software development as a Medical Oncology and Clinical Informatics Expert at Roche Information Solutions.

After 30 years of experience practicing Hematology and Medical Oncology, Dr. Schlossman became concerned that poor user experience and poor human factors engineering were preventing Electronic Health Records (EHRs) from fulfilling their promise to improve care quality and patient experience while lowering costs.

He founded a physician informatics committee at Boone Hospital Center, earned a master’s degree in medical informatics from Northwestern University, and achieved subspecialty board certification in Clinical Informatics. He transitioned to a career in informatics consulting and also works as an Adjunct Professor in the Graduate Program in Health Informatics at the University of Alabama at Birmingham and as Co-facilitator of the HL7 International Reducing Clinician Burden Project.

He is passionate about helping EHRs evolve into sophisticated predictive tools that free physicians from clinical workflow burdens, help them to focus on patients and reason more accurately, and allow them to achieve better outcomes and more patient-centered care.