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Profilbild för How Can We Mobilise Computable Biomedical Knowledge for Learning Health Systems in Europe?

How Can We Mobilise Computable Biomedical Knowledge for Learning Health Systems in Europe? Har passerat

Tisdag 23 maj 2023 13:45 - 15:15 G4

Föreläsare: Ronald Cornet, Dipak Kalra, Philip Scott

Spår: MIE: Health information systems




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Philip Scott, Ronald Cornet, Dipak Kalra, Mark Musen, Charles Friedman


Profilbild för Ronald Cornet

Ronald Cornet Föreläsare

Associate professor
Amsterdam UMC

Ronald Cornet holds a position as associate professor, principal investigator and principal educator at the department of Medical Informatics in the Amsterdam Public Health research institute, Amsterdam UMC.

He leads a research group on "reusable health data", in which research focuses on semantic interoperability, both from a technical perspective and from a users' point of view. This research has resulted in over 90 journal publications and over 80 peer-reviewed conference proceedings. See the list of publications for a complete bibliography. Ronald has supervised 8 completed PhD-projects and currently supervises 8 PhD students.

Ronald is involved in health care information standardization, among others as member of the Dutch, European (CEN) and global (ISO) standardization committees on health informatics. He is also involved in SNOMED International, which is responsible for maintenance and further development of SNOMED CT. He chairs the IMIA working group on Language and Meaning in Biomedicine, and participates in various international projects: European Joint Programme Rare Diseases (EJP-RD), CAPABLE, , and C4C.

Ronald holds a Basic Teaching Qualification and is involved in both organization of education and in teaching at the University of Amsterdam. This teaching involves information modeling, knowledge representation and semantic interoperability in health care. He has supervised research work of over 50 students (at BSc and MSc level). He is a four-time awardee of the best-teacher price in the Medical Informatics curriculum at the University of Amsterdam.

Profilbild för Dipak Kalra

Dipak Kalra Föreläsare

Institute for Innovation through Health Data

Professor Dipak Kalra, PhD, FRCGP, FBCS, is President of the European Institute for Innovation through Health Data. He has led multiple EC and IMI projects, and ISO standards development, in EHR interoperability standards, data protection, business models and the reuse of EHRs in clinical research. His current projects focus on the success factors for scaling up the trustworthy reuse of health data for research and learning health systems, and empowering patients through digital tools and better health information.

Profilbild för Philip Scott

Philip Scott Föreläsare

Programme Director
University of Wales Trinity Saint David