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Profilbild för Design Thinking for Digital Health Solutions: Empowering Medical Informatics Students

Design Thinking for Digital Health Solutions: Empowering Medical Informatics Students Har passerat

Onsdag 24 maj 2023 10:15 - 11:45 R22

Föreläsare: Liesbeth Van Den Berg, Linda Peute

Spår: MIE: Education

The integration of design thinking into medical informatics education is essential for development of innovative and effective health information technologies in our work domain. Design thinking is a problem-solving approach which focuses on understanding complex user needs and creating innovative solutions befitting those complex needs. It is a widely used approach for developing user-centered products and services, and distils creative methodologies to improve usability and effectiveness of health information systems.

This workshop discusses use cases for design thinking in medical informatics education, provides an overview of the lessons learned of incorporating design thinking into the curriculum, and will challenge the audience to experiment with two of the design thinking phases. The workshop also outlines the implications of design thinking for medical informatics educators, students and our work field, and provides suggestions for incorporating design thinking into existing medical informatics programs.




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Liesbeth van den Berg, Thomas Engelsma, Linda Peute


Profilbild för Liesbeth Van Den Berg

Liesbeth Van Den Berg Föreläsare

University Lecturer/UX researcher

Hi there!
My name is Liesbeth van den Berg, I work as an university lecturer in the topics of UX research/design and management communications for the Medical Informatics program at the University of Amsterdam. Happy to chat with you about education, UX, design thinking and blockchain.

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Linda Peute Föreläsare

director and senior Researcher eHealth Living& Learning Lab Amsterdam UMC
Amsterdam UMC, University of Amsterdam

Dr. Linda Peute Leads the eHealth Living&Learning Lab of the Amsterdam UMC and is a User Experience and human factor researcher within the field of Medical Informatics Her research focuses on assessing the value of human factor engineering methods such as user testing and expert evaluation methods in the design and evaluation of Health information Technology (HIT) as key to succesful design of HIT. She is specialized in research and education into cognitive, human-machine and socio-technological factors that may influence the usability, acceptance and successful implementation of interactive healthcare technologies.