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Opening Keynote Har passerat

Måndag 22 maj 2023 15:00 - 17:00 Congress Hall

Key-note speakers: David Novillo Ortiz, Jakob Forssmed, Tom Lawry
Föreläsare: Renée Bengtsson
Moderatorer: Boel Mörck, Persephone Doupi






Profilbild för David Novillo Ortiz

David Novillo Ortiz Key-note speaker

Unit Head, Data and Digital Health
World Health Organization, Regional Office for Europe

Prior to joining WHO/Europe, he served as coordinator of the eHealth programme at the Pan American Health Organization from 2010-2018. Furthermore, David served from 2006 to 2010 as a Technical Officer for the Ministry of Health of Spain, where he was appointed Executive Advisor to the Minister.

David obtained his Masters and Ph.D. in Information Sciences from the University Carlos III of Madrid (UC3M). He also received a Masters in Public Health from the University of Bordeaux and the Public University of Navarre. He currently sits on the editorial board of the International Journal of Medical Informatics. In addition, he serves pro bono as an Honorary Senior Research Fellow at University College London and as an Adjunct Professor on biomedical informatics at the University of Utah.

Profilbild för Jakob Forssmed

Jakob Forssmed Key-note speaker

Minister for Social Affairs and Public Health

Profilbild för Tom Lawry

Tom Lawry Key-note speaker

Tom Lawry is a strategic advisor to health leaders worldwide and is the best-selling author of Hacking Healthcare – How AI and the Intelligence Revolution will Reboot an Ailing System.
In a Harris Poll of more than 3,000 attendees of the 2023 JP Morgan Health Conference, Tom was named as one of the most recognized leaders driving change and engagement in healthcare today.
Tom is the Managing Director of Second Century Technology and a former Microsoft executive where he served as National Director of AI for Health and Life Sciences, Director of Worldwide Health, and Director of Organizational Performance for the company’s first health incubator. Prior to Microsoft, Tom was a Senior Director at GE Healthcare, the founder of two venture-backed healthcare software companies, and a health system executive.
Tom is well-published and a sought-after keynote speaker in the United States, Western Europe, and the Middle East. His work and views have been featured in Forbes, CNET, NEJM, Inside Precision Medicine, and numerous webcasts and podcasts in the health, medical , and business media.

Profilbild för Renée Bengtsson

Renée Bengtsson Föreläsare

Chairman of the regional council
Västra Götalandsregionen

Profilbild för Boel Mörck

Boel Mörck Moderator

Sahlgrenska University hospital

Chief Digital Officer Sahlgrenska University Hospital

Profilbild för Persephone Doupi

Persephone Doupi Moderator

Senior Medical Officer
Finnish Institute for Health & Welfare - THL

Persephone Doupi, MD, PhD is a Senior Medical Officer at the Knowledge Brokers Department of THL, Finland. Vice President of EFMI (European Federation for Medical Informatics), WHO-FIC Nordic Classification Center Board Member, Nordic Commons Executive Team Chair
Combined expertise on digital health, public health and health policy, applied on national, Nordic and EU-level RD&I collaborations. Current focus: Reuse of health data.
Key roles in: TEHDAS JA, EHDS2/HealthData@EU-pilot, EU-HIP project.
Her work has spanned EHRs, personalized applications of health IT, quality and patient safety, patient registries and biobanks, HTA and public health policy, cross-border healthcare services & infrastructures. Dr. Doupi has (co)authored several scientific articles, books and book chapters on medical informatics and eHealth topics.