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Profilbild för Panel Discussion– What is required for Nordic companies on the international stage?

Panel Discussion– What is required for Nordic companies on the international stage? Har passerat

Torsdag 25 maj 2023 14:30 - 15:00 F2

Moderator: Britta Stenson
Paneldeltagare: Björn Ursing, Isabelle ZABLIT-SCHMITZ, Nima Jokilaakso

Spår: Innovation, Swedish Digital Health on the international stage






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Profilbild för Britta Stenson

Britta Stenson Moderator

PhD, Program Manager
Business Sweden

As a program manager at Business Sweden, I focus everyday on strengthening Swedish Life Science, with a special focus on Digital Health.
I have a PhD from Karolinska Institutet and experience from non-profit, MedTech and management consulting. I have a passion for life science, business, healthcare and organizational development - and the color red.

Profilbild för Björn Ursing

Björn Ursing Paneldeltagare

Sr Project Manager Life Science & Health
Nederländernas ambassad

In the role at the Embassy of the Netherlands in Stockholm, Björn Ursing heads the initiative to connect the life science sectors in Sweden and the Netherlands. Both countries are strong in life science with cutting edge research, thriving companies and innovative communities. The ongoing projects are #dualmarketentry for digital health start-ups, connecting investors in life science and broadening the network and competitiveness among service providers. Björn Ursing is a strong advocate for the service providers important role in the life science ecosystem.
Björn Ursing has spent 30 years in life sciences working in academia as Assoc Prof at Karolinska Institutet, as COO at a service provider in Copenhagen, in inward investment in Umeå, for the Swedish life science community at SwedenBIO, and board member.

Profilbild för Isabelle ZABLIT-SCHMITZ

Isabelle ZABLIT-SCHMITZ Paneldeltagare

Europe and International Director for Digital Health
Ministry of Health and Prevention

Isabelle Zablit-Schmitz joined the French Ministry of Health in 2020 as Europe & International Director for Digital Health. She coordinates actions involving France in Digital Health’ international initiatives and relationships with major institutions as WHO, OECD, G7 and G20, as well as bilateral partnerships. She is the representative for France in the European eHealth Network, co-chaired by European Commission and the Member States (currently, France). More recently, her team has been in charge of the French Presidency of the council of the European Union for Digital Health.

Profilbild för Nima Jokilaakso

Nima Jokilaakso Paneldeltagare

PhD, Senior Advisor
Business Finland

Business Finland is the government organization for innovation funding and trade, travel and investment promotion.

As senior advisor Nima coaches SME companies in their internationalisation efforts to the Swedish market.

Nima is a strong advocate for cross-disciplinary and cross-border collaboration, and currently acts as international coordinator for health.