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InvitePeople is a one-stop-shop for all types of events – from trade fairs to corporate events.

Handle registrations, payments, social networking, invites, seminar program and much more with our cloud based solutions. Mobile smartphone apps give attendees, exhibitors, partners and organizers real time information and opportunities for interaction.



InvitePeople’s content management system helps event organizers build a program from start to finish without time consuming manual steps. It is easy to add, edit, and publish seminar, workshop, or lecture programs with on-site scanning for monitoring and statistics.



InvitePeople has a number of services where modern technology make new ways for people to interact at events: Online social network with meeting scheduler, matchmaking, speed dating, Exhibitor-CRM, hosted buyer concept, and lead scanning.



Let InvitePeople take care of your delegate management or use InvitePeople’s self-service system to handle it yourself. It is a flexible registration and payment system with financial reporting and full on-site service.

Great Website! Hi Mats, I just wanted to say that this is the best platform I have ever used for a conference! Great work!

Evangelia - a conference delegate and first-time user

Today we are experiencing a revolution in the way we communicate. InvitePeople succeeds in making face-to-face a marketing gold mine by ensuring the right people are connected.

Paul Woodward - UFI Managing Director

Many of our visitors have limited time to spend at the event, and they want to be sure that they get good value for their time with access to key persons they are interested in meeting. InvitePeople is easy to use both for us as an organizer, for the inviting exhibitors, and for the invited persons.

Patric Sjöberg - CEO Stockholmsmässan


Thursday August 17, 2017

In conjunction with the GamifyUs conference at the Stockholm International Fair in September 2017, InvitePeople launches a new Gamification concept. By being active in different areas - both online and on-site during the conference - conference participants gather points and compete... read more

Micro event site / New website

Tuesday August 1, 2017

InvitePeople has finalized the job to let our customers' event pages be fully responsive with the ability to easily build simpel event sites. At the same time, we have upgraded our own website.

New on-demand system for badges

Tuesday April 25, 2017

At Vitalis - the Gothenbourg based Svenska mässan's annual fair and conference for e-health - InvitePeople introduced its latest innovative and very fast on-demand name tag system. The participants show a QR code and the badge is printed together with any other tickets such as lunch or party tickets... read more

InvitePeople Lean

Wednesday March 1, 2017

InvitePeople introduces a new concept - InvitePeople Lean - bundled for organizers with muliple conferences and courses. There are plenty of new and enhanced fetures: Improved and simplified cloning of events. Put together a new event based on the settings from previous events... read more