Nya digitala mötesformer accelererar affärerna för företagNya digitala mötesformer accelererar affärerna för företag

New digital meeting forms accelerate business for companies

How we handled meetings and events during the pandemic became a challenge for everyone, not least did it affect the company’s business ability. Many saw their only chance of survival to move online and use standard video conferencing platforms. This is were we saw opportunities and further developed the forms of digital and hybrid meetings, something that now creates new business opportunities for our customers.

(This article was originally published on di.se)

The Swedish company behind the platform InvitePeople, which for ten years was used as an administrative tool for in-person events.

With the outbreak of the pandemic, a strategic decision was made to allow the platform to be developed into a new type of solution for digital and hybrid meetings.

We chose to convert our platform so that the event itself was held on the platform. There you can now participate in meetings and sessions, but also chat with each other, set up or participate in video group meetings and much more, says Mattias Strauss at InvitePeople.

InvitePeople has solutions for different types of events, such as conferences, trade fairs, meetings, congresses, and webinars, where everyone has their own specially designed functions.

InvitePeople now offers completely new types of solutions, such as hybrid events, where those who wish to participate physically onsite while others can participate remotely. Another function is hub events, where participants meet physically in several different places and at the same time connect everyone digitally.

Management Events saw the benefits of InvitePeople

The company Management Events creates network meetings with invited speakers for its members and senior executives in the business world. When the pandemic broke out, people moved online.

We took our speakers to a studio and had everyone invited log in to listen. The pandemic has changed the behavior and expectations of how to consume information. Now more than ever, business leaders are looking for relevant, accessible information and a chance to exchange ideas with trade colleagues, says Julia Sundman, Chief Customer Experience Officer at Management Events.

They needed a platform that could serve more as a meeting place for their new business network Aurora Live, where members can take part in ongoing live streams, but also view saved sequences from the speakers.

Management Events saw the benefits of InvitePeople

After testing several other platforms, the choice fell on InvitePeople.

In addition to the technical functionality we need, there is the possibility of a greater degree of personification. The system can create a personal calendar and offer relevant lectures and discussion groups, says Julia Sundman.

InvitePeople is leading the development

InvitePeople now sees how the platform drives change in the entire industry.

Digital events go hand in hand with the development towards more work from home and greater flexibility in the workplace. It will also be easier for the participants who do not have to travel, book tickets, hotels and maybe a dog sitter. Another reason is the environment, which benefits when not everyone has to travel somewhere to participate. This is well in line with many companies’ sustainability work, says Mattias Strauss.

Complete platform for business meetings and events

Digital attendance at events is now a matter of course for many participants. With InvitePeople, you get a platform that you can really customize, no matter what the world looks like tomorrow.