About cookies

According to swedish law we are entitled to inform you about InvitePeople’s use of cookies. Cookies help you navigate quicker and easier when visiting us.

When not logged in to InvitePeople, cookies are only used to collect visitor statistics. We analyze the information to know how InvitePeople is used and how many hits each page has. We can not identify anyone through the use of cookies.

There are two kinds of cookies, session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies is stored temporarily in your browser and will be removed when the browser closes. Persistent cookies is saved for a longer period of time. Regardless which kind of cookies, no personal information is saved.

If you do not want to allow persistent cookies on your computer, you can change the privacy settings in your browser. Disabling cookies may prevent InvitePeople to fully function. To buy tickets and organize events with InvitePeople you need to have cookies enabled.