Check in participants smoothly at your event

With our solutions, you can easily check in your guests when they arrive. Give your participants a positive first impression and avoid queuing. You get statistics on who is checked in in real-time.

Smooth check-in at your event!

Avoid queues with a smooth check-in and get real-time statistics on how many and who are there. The solution is linked to our notification and registration, and in connection with check-in, it is also possible to print name tags.

Check in with our scanners or with our entrance app. Simple and easy to use for all types of events. You can also optimize staffing by letting participants check in themselves at our self-check-in kiosks!

We are available onsite for questions and on-site technical support.

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The market’s widest selection of check-in solutions

Check-in not only streamlines the entrance flow but also simplifies your administrative work as you can see in real-time how many and who checked in, and who didn’t show up.

Statistics on event participants


  • Check-in app on mobile – connected to the system
  • Self-check-in kiosk with scanners – connected to the system
  • Check-in list on iPad or mobile – connected to the system


  • Guest list (with search feature)
  • QR code
  • Scanners and printers


  • On-site print of name badge with QR code
  • Walk-in registration
  • Support for changing your name on-site
  • Onsite support

Check-in with QR or guest list

Our check-in app is used for scanning QR codes. You can scan to get into the whole event or just one part of it. This lets you check seat reservations and keep track of attendance so that, for example, you can give out certificates of participation after the event.

In our guest list, you can quickly search for guests and check participants in with just one click. You can also filter the list by who is there and who hasn’t arrived yet.

Our check-in app can be easily put on a mobile phone so that it is as flexible and easy to use as possible. The guest list is a flexible web app that you can use on both your computer and your phone or tablet.

Tailor-made solution for all your events and meetings

Regardless of whether you organize a few small events or several large ones, we make sure that we find the right solution for you. Our solution is fully customizable and flexible for all types of events without you having to spend a lot of time or pay for something you don’t really need.

Read more about features for participant management.

Self-check-in kiosk

Our self-check-in solution simplifies both logistics and the collection of statistics throughout the event. You choose your layout, which results in a professional and welcoming impression. Scan the QR code from the event app or the confirmation email. Those without a QR code can easily search for their name for check-in.

It is also possible to turn on notifications during walk-in registration and printing of name badges at check-in.

Design the badge

Customize the appearance of the badge for your conference by choosing which information to display on it. You can create an electronic business card by including a QR code to facilitate lead scanning during the event.

The badge is quickly printed via printer when the guest is checked in at our check-in kiosk – we provide all the necessary equipment.

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