InvitePeople can help you with the entire event process for any type of event. You can focus on creating engaging and business-driving events and meetings by making the process more efficient.

Efficient management for all your meetings and events

Event planning and execution involve several activities and steps that frequently necessitate using various resources and tools.

Today’s event teams want more control over their event management and data. Information that is copied and transferred between different software applications wastes not only time but also increases the risk of errors and mistakes.

InvitePeople prevents this by assisting with the entire event planning process. From attendee and content management to video and onsite meeting tools, marketing, and analytics, we’ve got you covered. Everything is managed on one platform, seamlessly and securely.

A digital hub for your event

Create a digital hub with a landing page for your event. A digital experience that is consistent with your profile and brand. You can present selected parts of the event and manage registration and tickets on the public part of the event page.

You can present additional material to logged-in visitors and allow participants to interact with one another before, during, and after the event.

On mobile phones, the event page works as an event app. This makes it easier for people to take part and makes both participants and third parties more committed.

Simplify communication

Do you need a simple way to inform people attending your event about the venue, the schedule, or any last-minute changes? Our event app provides a center for users to access all event-related details.

All the latest information is sent straight to the participants’ mobile devices, where they can also book engaging seminars, have lively discussions, view schedules, and much more.

Smart features in InvitePeople’s event software make it easy to create memorable, dynamic, and engaging events for your attendees.

We love video

The video makes your digital events come to life, and it comes in multiple forms and variants. Streaming, video conferencing, already-recorded video, parallel streams, breakout sessions, desktop streaming, studio streaming, and even your phone. Independent of how you plan to use video for your event, InvitePeople is the tool for your vision.

InvitePeople works seamlessly with all types of video and streaming. Traditional video conferencing with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or our internal tool. You can include video streaming from, i.e., Youtube, Vimeo, Streamio, your studio, or our platform. Scheduled showings can be live or pre-recorded.

The InvitePeople Event Management Platform

Elevate your brand

Today, event teams demand greater control over all aspects of their event processes. They also need to be more adaptable to different types of events. This is because the outside environment, the people involved, and the company’s own business goals have made it more important to adapt.

InvitePeople enables the optimal mix of digital and in-person interactions. Create a memorable event experience that is consistent with your brand.

Make the event about the participants

Controlling participant management is essential for a successful event. This could be personal information such as allergies, ticket type, or nearby activities. Collecting all this data and making it easily accessible to all authorized people helps to make an event a success. Display information that is tailored to the preferences of each individual or group.

Information about participants can also be used to improve your events, like keeping track of where people signed up and how interested they were in different parts of the event.

InvitePeople gives you full control over all participant information and the whole process of participation, from the invitation to the follow-up, from registration to the type of ticket.

For analysis and follow-up, participants can be divided into target groups.

Content is king, as always

Agendas and sessions can be planned directly on the platform. The schedule, speakers, and companies are shown in a dynamic way using text, images, and video. Different types of digital and physical sessions can be mixed and matched. Access to content and sessions can be linked to ticket types so that everyone is given the necessary information. 

Individual session content management can be delegated directly to speakers and external parties. Until you choose to lock the schedule, all information is editable.

Next generation of meeting planning

One-on-one meetings based on priorities and preferences are frequently critical for B2B conferences and events.

InvitePeople improves on this process by integrating and supporting your current one-on-one meeting procedure. If the planning is done in an external tool, the data can be loaded into the platform. Email, SMS, calendar bookings, push notifications, and personal event pages for each participant make it easy to share personal booking information.

On an ongoing basis, agendas and one-on-one meetings can be easily changed and presented to participants. This allows your staff to maintain a high level of service throughout the event.

For all your events and meetings

Let your partners shine

Allow exhibitors and partners to meet a larger audience, generate more leads, and sell more. Before, during, and after the event.

You can create a virtual exhibition with a few clicks and invite exhibitors to build their own stands exactly how they want to capture visitors’ attention using simple tools. The virtual stands are an extension of the physical ones, and the easy-to-use search and filtering tools make it easier for visitors to find exhibitors who are interesting to them.

It’s that simple when you have valuable solutions like different payment options, lead scanning services, and the ability to work with pre-scheduled meetings that maximize benefit and efficiency. It will save time for you as well as for organizers, exhibitors, and visitors.

Reporting and insights

Real-time monitoring and comprehensive reporting after the event for:

  • Turnout
  • Visitors on pages
  • Attendance on seminars
  • Attendance in ongoing meetings
  • Clicks
  • Meetings
  • Surveys

Data is an important part of creating engaging content now and in the future. Insights let you keep track of how often people go to different events and show you what you might need to think about for the next conference.

You can use the platform to conduct analyses and follow-ups, as well as send surveys to participants to learn about what they find important and interesting.

Enhance the experience

The engagement and experience of the participants are critical for the success of the event. To improve the experience, digital and physical events have different conditions and requirements. InvitePeople enables you to drive attendance engagement regardless of how they participate.

Allow participants to chat in a moderated event thread or in a session-specific chat. Use forms and polls, and then share the results in the chat.

Set up multiple game plans and achievements to allow players to earn points and climb the leaderboard. It works for both live and virtual conferences, congresses, fairs, and other online events.

Safe and Proven Technology

Handling personal data in multiple systems and documents is often not fully compliant with GDPR and other relevant laws. The information must be secured against unauthorized access while remaining easily accessible to authorized parties.

All data is secured and housed within the EU. Communication is conducted using SSL or a VPN. Participants use individual invitation links with the option of adding two-factor authentication. Video is transmitted using RTMP (S) or WebRTC.

In-person events

We offer full services on-site, such as registration, check-in, payments, entrance and seminar scanning, name tags that can be printed on-demand, and lead scanning.

Tickets can be sent directly in the confirmation email, or separately via email or SMS closer to the event. Participants can print their tickets in advance or on-site using our self-service solution.

When registering onsite, you can accept direct payment or offer to invoice. We can help you set up a kiosk solution for self-check-in for participants.

Check-in participants easily and conveniently with an app to keep track of attendance. You can scan the participants’ tickets directly on the mobile if you don’t want to use printouts. Scan participants at program points for statistics or to check seat booking.

You can allow exhibitors to use our app to scan leads from stand visitors.

We are with you all the way

We offer personalized onboarding with your dedicated Customer Success Manager. Depending on the nature and needs of your event, we may be able to offer you more training and consulting services.

Our technical support watches what’s going on in real-time and is ready to help with any problems.

Our development team may make customized tweaks to the platform during event planning.


Book a 15 min call with one of our advisors. We’ll show you all about our event management software and how you can use our management software to your advantage.