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The production company was forced to think new, virtual events created new business opportunities

The production company Scenteknik are expert in events. When the pandemic hit the event industry hard, they chose to invest instead of giving up. Today, they have broadened their customer base and gained new business opportunities with virtual event solutions.

Our partnership with InvitePeople has really paid off.

The event industry was forced to change

Per Virving, CEO of Scenteknik, has over 25 years of experience in producing both large and small events, trade fairs and live performances. For many years, the production company Scenteknik has helped customers with light, sound, image and stage productions.

But nothing could have prepared us for the pandemic. All companies suddenly had to interrupt their productions and we were almost completely without assignments.

Scenteknik had to reduce working hours and staff, and received only 10% of its normal turnover. To survive, they needed to find new solutions.

Digital development exploded during the pandemic. In six months, the technology for events developed as much as it would otherwise have done in five years. And we wanted to be a part of that.

To offer their customers the latest in virtual events, they started collaborating with InvitePeople. The virtual event platform would make it possible to stream and manage live events, trade fairs, conferences and digital meetings. But the customers were not ready.

Users needed to get used to how things worked when so much in the world changed in such a short time. Virtual events were a big step for them.

Virtual events became a kind of community

As the market matured, more and more people realized the possibilities of virtual solutions.

In the beginning, event companies did not understand what they were going to pay for. “Anyone can set up a phone and post something on Youtube”. But when you run large and small virtual events, you often have a need for more features than those available on Youtube, Zoom and Teams, says Per.

To create a professional production, you need the right technology for sound, light and image. If it is virtual, a platform where the event can be held is also required.

The complexity increases exponentially the more features you want to add. Today, most people understand that an event platform becomes a kind of community for the participants. And this is important when they are not seeing each other physically onsite.

Easy with powerful platform

When customers dared to take the step and try digital productions, they were very pleased with the result.

Everyone using the event platform is so pleasantly surprised. They find it so easy to understand. You do not need to have more than basic office skills to navigate.

Thanks to the user-friendliness, Scenteknik also did not have to spend extra time on administration.

One of the strengths of InvitePeople is that I feel safe letting our customers in as administrators on the platform. They can easily work internally to integrate all invitation lists, register participants and create the layout.

Professional virtual productions

Today, Scenteknik helps many companies to stream national and international events. The production company provides everything needed; three streaming studios, cameras, lighting, studio clock, intercom and experienced staff.

We can perform complex broadcasts. We had a customer who wanted three parallel streams; one to be interpreted into Portuguese, one into Spanish and one with sign language interpretation. The broadcast was in our studio in Sweden, and the interpreters were in Brazil. There were many parameters. But everything worked flawlessly. We were able to connect the streaming to the same platform. 2000 participants took part and were also able to chat with each other at the same time.

The professional productions and digital solutions have helped Scenteknik’s customers to develop in step with the challenges of the future.

We have learned that virtual events must be more well-planned than physical ones. The schedule must be frictionless. At a physical event, the audience can wait 10 seconds for a new speaker to appear, at a virtual event, 10 seconds is an eternity. They will start doing other things and log out. So it’s important to really know what to do.

Our partnership with InvitePeople pays off

Scenteknik is very pleased with the partnership with InvitePeople.

We work very independently but as soon as we need help we get quick support. When I have wanted certain functions that do not exist, I have only contacted InvitePeople’s development team, and they have been able to fix a solution during the day.

As a production company, Scenteknik not only managed to survive during a turbulent time, they have continued to grow and expand their market. Today, they are not only experts in physical events, but also experts in digital productions.

We have broadened our customer base and our business opportunities with InvitePeople. We have broken new ground and will continue to invest and grow digitally in the future, says Per.

Are you interested in creating professional events?

Do you want support with the production and the virtual event platform? Contact us and we will tailor a solution for your specific needs.