Participant management for digital and physical events

Registration, invitations, tickets, and payments for events

Participant management for your event

Simplify registration for your events. Flexible solutions for easy free registration with just name and email address with the option to add custom fields. Send invitations via e-mail and SMS with an included RSVP link to make it easier for participants to sign up.

For more advanced ticket solutions, you can easily supplement with e.g. ticket categories, profile fields, and several different payment options.

Information from your CRM system can easily be imported or integrated with InvitePeople to create smooth and secure planning of your events.

Registration of participants

Set up a registration for your event, with or without payment solutions. Make it easy with just name and email, or customize the registration form for additional information. Customize the page based on your graphic guidelines with our graphic editor or HTML and CSS.

Landing page for your event

Post the information your participants need. Everything from programs, lecturers, and exhibitors to accommodation and travel, pre-study materials, and follow-up – as much or as little as you want.

Choose which information you want to show before registration and which participants need to register to get access.

Event Invitations

Send invitations via email directly from the platform, and get follow-up statistics on the responses. Send reminders or additional information based on responses. If you want to promote your event in other channels, you link directly to the registration page.

Communicate with participants

Set up automatic confirmation emails with personalized login links, tickets, entry QR codes, and other information you want to send out to attendees. Make more mailings via email and SMS directly from the platform to your participants before, during, and after the event.

Ticket management for all occasions

Create an unlimited number of ticket types with customized prices for different groups of participants. It can be, for example, payers, students, speakers, and sponsors. Combined with this, you can use promotional codes to provide unique discounts within a ticket type.

Both tickets and codes can have date restrictions, which is useful for early-bird pricing. While there’s a limit to the number of tickets each buyer can purchase, there’s also a cap on the total number of tickets available for each type. For limited tickets, you can implement waiting lists.

Customize your digital event ticket

Tailor-made solution for your participant management

We offer participant management for all types of events, meetings, and arrangements. With features for invitations, registration, event website, payment solution, event app, check-in, and interactive tools like voting, quizzes, Q&A, gamification, evaluation, and much more.

Regardless of whether you organize a few small events or several large ones, we make sure to find the right solution for you. Our solution is fully customizable and flexible for all types of events without you having to spend a lot of time or pay for something you don’t need.

Design your tickets

Badges and tickets are part of your brand profile. Therefore, it is easy to design tickets, exhibitor cards, and name badges directly on the platform. Send out by email to the participants for print-at-home, pick up a print file for the print shop, or print onsite with our flexible onsite solution.

Ticket handling at onsite events

For onsite ticket handling at physical events, we offer a complete solution with contactless scanning of the participant’s QR code and printing of badges. Complete with our kiosk solution with simplified registration for participants and/or your staff onsite.

Both equipment and reinforcement of staff are available for hire from us. Safe and professional.

Compatible with Fastlane

Print-on-Demand, On-Site scanning. Fastlane is integrated with InvitePeople via API for Print-on-Demand and On-Site scanning.


Whether you have a simple ticket management system or a more advanced one with discounts, group bookings, and partner invitations, you can manage it with our payment solution.

Card payments

Payments are easily handled in the platform, both for digital and physical events. Pay with debit and credit cards as well as with Swish. In the case of card payments via Nets, you as an organizer can use your agreement with Nets to receive the settlement directly into your account.

Invoice payments

Invoice documents are created directly in the platform for further distribution to our invoicing partner InExchange. Invoices can then be sent as e-invoices, PDFs, or paper invoices. For invoicing from your system, you can use API or import/export to integrate with most major financial systems. A kiosk solution is available for invoice payments at physical events. It is also possible to limit the possibility of receiving an invoice to a certain minimum amount.

Follow-up and statistics

You can continuously monitor sales at a detailed level, both with overview views and in granular reports. When the event is completed, you will receive a complete financial report on your tickets sales.

You have a very good platform to use before (an event) and systems onsite in place. I want to credit the InvitePeople team, who onsite are delivery-proof and solution-oriented. It feels safe. Thank you for what you bring to our roadshow of events and for a very good collaboration! 🤩

Marketing Project Manager, ATEA Sweden

Support and onboarding are always included with InvitePeople

No system is better than its users. Our Customer Success & Support team makes sure you get started quickly and helps you ensure smooth planning.

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