Onsite event with InvitePeople

Simplify the planning and creation of your next event

With InvitePeople, you can plan, execute, and track your physical event. Include the features you need for your physical event. Invite and register participants using an event website, then show the agenda and communicate with them through our event app. Includes a thorough reporting and analysis feature.

Include streaming, video conferencing, and digital interactivity for hybrid conferences and fairs.

Don’t hesitate to consult with our event specialists if you need help deciding which license is right for your event(s).

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Onsite Event

Price from
490 €/event*

Discounted prices are available when booking several events or a subscription.

*100 participants, simple registration, and check-in..

Business Conference

Price from
1990 €/ event*

Discounted prices are available when booking several events or a subscription.

*200 participants, a session plan, an event app,
an event site, and advanced registration.

Event platform

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Customized solutions based on
your events and meetings.

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Contact us for suggestions if you are planning a hybrid event.
Support and customized onboarding are included in all contracts.

We know that all events are unique, contact us for a flexible solution adapted to your events and meetings.

We are with you all the way

We offer personal onboarding with your dedicated Customer Success Manager. Additional training and consulting services can be provided depending on the nature and requirements of your event.

Our technical support monitors events in real time and is available to resolve any operational issues.

Our development team can make custom adjustments to the platform during event planning.

Kundreferenser InvitePeople

We chose InvitePeople for its user-friendly platform, which accommodates everything from small meetings to large conferences with complex setups, whether they’re in-person, virtual, or hybrid.

Event and Meetings Manager, global organization