The Internet Foundation used to hold its annual physical conference, but for the past two years, guests have participated digitally.The Internet Foundation used to hold its annual physical conference, but for the past two years, guests have participated digitally.

Increased engagement when Internetdagarna became a digital event

For the past twenty years, the Internet Foundation has held its annual physical conference “Internet Days” at Stockholm Waterfront, but for the past two years, guests have instead participated digitally due to the pandemic and associated restrictions.

Internetdagarna (The Internet days) is Sweden’s most important conference about the web and the impact of digitalization on society. Take part in trendspotting made by world-leading keynote speakers who give you a unique overview of global trends and the interplay between technology, human, and society.

Switching to a digital conference resulted in breaking records, both in the number of participants and in the ratings from the participants. The Internet days received an average rating of 4.4 out of 5, which is the highest ever in the conference’s history.

The transformation from physical to digital

When the Swedish Internet Foundation switched to digital conferences, it was important that the platform they chose could fulfill their vision.

The foundation’s internal and external partners and participants demand a large selection of workshops and groups. In order to fulfill these wishes, the so-called sections are divided into leaner tracks. Regardless of which track the participants choose, they should still be able to have an overview of what is going on in the other tracks.

In 2021, the Swedish Internet Foundation moved to InvitePeople, as previous tools didn’t support that type of agenda and meeting management.

We chose to use InvitePeople’s platform as they have exactly the tools we need to be able to build the conference digitally. Both according to required functions and in terms of profile and brand.

The platform offers great freedom in the system. The ability to change the design, colors, and appearance of the digital event is something that the foundation really appreciates. In addition, codes from their own websites can be used and web developers can code without restrictions.

A great benefit of choosing InvitePeople was that we could easily be several admin users in the system at the same time. This has not been possible before. Instead of going through one person, we could have about twenty administrators. It made things a lot easier during the construction of the conference.

Opportunity to reach a larger audience

The event was broadcasted digitally together with InvitePeople. This made it possible to reach more people who were interested in the event. Previously, a clear majority of the participants were from the area close to Stockholm, but now people from all over Sweden can attend the conference. The virtual meeting place is indeed more flexible. With the right tools, you can find many opportunities and reach audiences around the world.

In addition to breaking the NKI (customer satisfaction index) record, we have also become more accessible since we switched to the digital platform!

Easy to stimulate commitment

The commitment to the digital format exceeds expectations. The participants are more present than they have been in previous years. They are both active in the chat and share knowledge with each other.

A total of 80 percent of all guests answer that they experienced the conference as interactive. I do not think you can get such a high number in a physical conference room.

Through quick polls, you can easily find out what the guests think, what they want and what makes them engaged. During digital events, you can easily produce important statistics, which can be used to improve future presentations and events.

Extended life for the conference

It is important to us that this program can be made available in a simple way afterwards. This is something that InvitePeople does in a very nice way!

After the conference, participants can easily get access to the speakers and sessions they want to listen to. Which they really appreciate.

The goal was to smoothly create a digital conference that engages and inspires our participants. We never thought we would get such a good response. It is an incredible advantage for us and our target groups. With the benefits we have gained from the digital, I have a hard time believing that we would abandon it completely and go back.

About Internetdagarna

Internetdagarna is an annual two-day conference organized by The Swedish Internet Foundation. The foundation is an independent, private foundation that works for the positive development of the internet. They are responsible for the Swedish top-level domain .se and the operation of the top-level domain .nu. The revenues from the conference finance a number of initiatives aimed at enabling people to use the internet in the best possible way and to provide knowledge about internet use in Sweden and the impact of digitalization on society.