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Flexible and scalable.
Virtually, on-site or as a hybrid.

Digital presence at events is now self-evident

Today, digital attendance at events and meetings is no longer a substitute or emergency solution. Digital meetings or digital attendance at physical events is something that offers its own benefits and opportunities.

Among the obvious benefits are reduced travel costs and the effect on companies’ climate footprint. For the individual employees, improved health and well-being, as well as the democracy factor where more people can take part in events, are highlighted as important reasons why one now expects digital presence as an alternative.

Digital presence also means more opportunities in other parts, such as location and time. For example, events and meetings can now take place in a combination of places, with several impact points in the calendar, where pre-recorded and live are mixed.

Powerful and with industry-leading security

InvitePeople is a digital platform where you can easily create digital events and events that both engage and stimulate business. Manage all aspects of your event from invitations, ticket sales, payment, registration, content to reporting and much more. All this in one and the same platform.

The digital experience can be completely customised based on your profile and brand to ensure that your event strengthens and develops your brand. For physical events, we offer support on everything from tickets and name badges to check-in and lead scanning.

Participants have digital access to all parts of an event via simple and secure login. The platform offers personal meetings, social interaction, chat, live streaming, Q&As, breakout sessions, mingling and feedback. The platform is, of course, adapted for mobile.

Perfect to use for all types of events and event organizers, from small companies to international organizations and event agencies. From smaller digital events to creating recurring conferences with several parallel speaker tracks.

All the tools you need to create professional digital meetings and events.

We ensure that you succeed with your event management

1. For all kinds of events

Use one and the same platform for all your events, whether they are digital, in-person or in a hybrid form.

2. Fully flexible

Tailor your events and meetings with the functionality you need. Everything from invitations, implementation to follow-up.

3. We help you all the way

From onboarding to live support, we are with you all the way and ensure a successful event!

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The pandemic has changed the behavior and expectations of how to consume information. Now more than ever, business leaders are looking for relevant, accessible information and a chance to exchange ideas with trade colleagues.


In addition to the technical functionality we need, there is the possibility of a greater degree of personification. Depending on who you are, what title and role you have, the platform will invite members to events that may be of interest to everyone.

Julia Sundman
Chief Customer Experience Officer, Partner

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Some of our clients

One of the strengths of InvitePeople is that I feel safe letting our customers in as administrators on the platform. They can easily work internally to integrate all invitation lists, register participants and create the layout.

Per Virving

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