How to Choose the Best Event Management Software for Any Event

Event management software is designed to help you plan and manage all kinds of events. With several variations on the market, here is what to look for when selecting the best solutions for your events.

What is event management software?

Event management software is a single platform for all events, including:

  • Conferences
  • Corporate meetings
  • Trade shows
  • Conventions
  • Webinars
  • Kick-off and sales meetings
  • Forums

In other words, online event management software is an all-in-one solution for any event and is designed for event planning purposes.

How does An Event Management Software work?

With this software, you’ll be able to plan, manage, and report on events from start to finish. This includes invites and registration, websites with secure logins, email and SMS communications, layouts and ticketing and task management, all the way through to post-event surveys and reporting.

How to choose event management software

There are many elements of comprehensive event management software. The two overarching factors to look for are functionality and full flexibility. This will enable you to host various types of events, be it online, in-person, or hybrid with:

  • Video meetings
  • Teams & Zoom integrations
  • Live stream
  • Pre-recorded live video
  • Video on demand
  • Breakout sessions
  • Event chat
  • Q&A
  • Gamification
  • Mingle
  • Virtual booths
  • Matchmaking

This all-in-one event planning platform makes the entire process of hosting an event practical and well organized. You want to check that your events and stakeholders are satisfied with the event planning process to help you run smooth events.

What are the benefits of an event management tool?

The benefit of event management tools is that it provides full control for hosts and a seamless experience for participants, all from one platform. With this in place, you can improve the planning process as well as the event experience.

Save time and energy with InvitePeople, which is an all-in-one management and planning tool for event planners.

With InvitePeeople’s event management software, you can do all of the above, from planning each minute detail of an event to actually managing the event and providing detailed reporting on its performance.

What is the scope of InvitePeople’s event management?

  • Online event registration
  • Event websites
  • Email templates
  • Secure Login
  • Email and SMS communications
  • Seminar planning tools
  • Statistics
  • Ticketing
  • Payments
  • Scanning
  • Layout and spatial planning
  • Post-event feedback

Thank you @invitepeoplesweden 👏 Such a great and user-friendly platform ❤️ you provide a great experience for all attendees at our global learnfest 😍.

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What Sets InvitePeople Apart

InvitePeople is continually updated to provide clients with the latest technology solutions. Here’s how this software solution will help you plan and manage events:

Save resources

InvitePeople can be applied to all kinds of events for various industries.

Utilizing this can reduce the overall cost of planning an event with one solution for multiple events, as well as saving time, and reducing the resources required to host events.

This software has the ability to assist with managing budgets. It can record all of the transactions, with easy-to-understand cost optimization recommendations.

Project Management

There are various tools to manage a project from a single platform, allowing for bookings to be made and organized instantaneously.

Event management software facilities the project management process throughout the stages of the event, from reservations to check-ins and post-event communication.


Automation is a true time saver. This capability allows for scalability, as well as seamless communications and workflows relating to your event.

With the added benefit of other cloud-based integrations, you can ensure the flow of leads from the event is carried over to your overall marketing plans.

Automated processes also lead to the proficient management of data, from storing information to segmenting it accordingly, with access to this data available in real-time.

Managing attendees

In addition to the above, automation also allows for attendees to be directed towards effective workflows in the lead-up to an event.

With specific email confirmation and reminders preset, you can rest assured that your attendees remain in the loop and excited about the event.

Event marketing

Effective marketing is often a significant factor in the success of an event. Event management software enables seamless marketing with easy communication between the audience and event organizers.

Integrations enable email, content, and social media marketing for a well-rounded strategy.


InvitePeople software offers flexibility in terms of the types of events you can plan and manage. As a software solution, it can be applied to many circumstances, with the tools required to make each type of event stand out.

This includes the ability to host multiple in-person, online, and hybrid events.


Another element of flexibility is the ability to customize an event. This software makes it easy to follow templates designed to produce successful events, with many customization options along the way.

This allows you to tailor events to your brand and audience.

Complex event management

This software can be used to plan multiple events at a time. With its sophisticated design, it can facilitate complex transactions like group bookings and seating arrangements.

This logistical benefit simplifies the process and extends value to the client base as well.


Event managers can monitor the event and track its performance as it unfolds in real-time. These reports can be used to determine where there are gaps for the future, as well as to make comparisons to measure the benchmarks and KPIs.

InvitePeople, a secure and seamless event management premium platform.

Reasons to Use an Online Event Management Tool

An online event management tool empowers teams to build on the success of the event in the future, with full functionality to enable event planning.

Event planners can use these software tools to manage the entire process, from home pages and registrations to logins, communication, and post-event statistics.

This includes registration and ticketing systems, seat planning, scanning, payments, and venue layout planning.

Event management tools work wonders as an all-in-one event that encompasses both hybrid and in-person events, organized via the same platform.

Premium Event Management software  for all your events and meetings.

InvitePeople – All-in-one Event Management Software for all kinds of events

The best event planning software can handle all kinds of events, no matter the size or form, be it online, in-person, or hybrid. Once you have the software, you can use it to make the planning of events easier, be it for internal meetings, branded events, or mega conferences.

InvitePeople, an all-in-one solution for your event management.

What are the 5 C’s of Event Management?

The 5 C’s of event management are the primary pillars of evening planning. Event management software transforms each of these elements into the event planning and management process.

Start your event planning with a brainstorming session with your event team, figuring out a concept and the goal with the event.


Each event begins with a concept. This is what the central point of an event is all about. It will inform the way the event is presented to your audience. Once the reason is defined, the delivery of the event can be determined, as well as the goals you wish to achieve.

Event management software helps you outline the project in full. From this point, you can determine who your audience will be and the various ways to interact with them in the lead-up to your event or series of events.

Other details will also emerge once you decide on the concept, including details about the venue, date, and time.

Coordinate an event involves a lot of different tactics and elements.


One of the most challenging aspects of planning an event with event management software is the coordination of the various elements involved in an all-in-one event.

When you’re using a central platform, everyone involved in the planning is connected and there is a seamless overview of the entire event. This keeps things organized and updated with the relevant details.

The schedule also forms part of event coordination. This will determine the various aspects you need to plan for, from the equipment to the location and guests. These will need to be planned in advance, with sufficient backups in place.

Event management software works really well for this as managers and planners can see the event unfold with a bird’s eye view, along with the ability to zoom in on the finite details. Tasks can be delegated, and the various people involved can also utilize the same software platform to ensure your event is covered comprehensively.

Marketing, presentations, transportation, budget, and catering are examples of how the event planning elements can be coordinated using event software.

A premium event management software gives your team better control of all aspects for success.


Maintaining control over an event can be tricky to achieve, though it is crucial. Event managers and planners need to have measures in place to keep a handle on the event in its entirety, including crisis management when dealing with things outside of the direct sphere of control.

Keeping track of the event as it progresses is simplified with event software. With a central platform, everything is centralized under one roof for easy management in real-time. Having adequate control measures will ensure that you are able to plan for the unexpected.

All your planning comes to a moment of truth when the event starts.


All of the planning and managing comes to a point of culmination on the day of the event. Ensuring that everything and everyone on the events team is ready are important factors that could determine the success of the event.

Keeping a handle on the event as it unfolds is imperative. You’ll need to meet your audience’s expectations with a smooth rollout of the schedule and an enjoyable experience for attendees.

Event management software is not only designed for planning events, but also for the management of events. An example of this is that it provides you with access to registrations and ticketing for entry into an event.

The event manager’s role continues after the event wraps up.


The event manager’s role continues after the event wraps up. There are various areas that will require attention, from reporting on the performance of the event to ensuring that suppliers are paid and the audience has access to relevant post-event information.

Having an integrated event software system in place ensures that you can provide adequate feedback and keep track of everything to ensure that no steps are missed to round off the event seamlessly.

5 Steps to Event Planning Success

Audiences today expect businesses to be prepared and present them with a polished event.

Event planning software makes this process easier for everyone involved, and helps you from start to finish, with these event planning best practices:

1. Defining the purpose

The purpose dictates every aspect of your virtual event, from the content to the format.

It is also an important factor to consider when setting the goals for the event, with relevant benchmarks to set and KPIs to measure.

The purpose of an event will kickstart the gameplay for planning, as you can set out steps that will bring you closer to your goals.

Bring an event full circle by analyzing it afterward to ensure that it was successful and able to fulfill its purpose.

The purpose dictates every aspect of your virtual event, from the content to the format.

2. Planning is key

In order to host a successful event, plans need to be laid out. The goals of an event will inform which medium will be best suited.

Once the format is decided, you’ll need to prepare content for your event (both the event itself and the marketing for it).

The other crucial planning involved includes the management of attendees. This will depend on whether it is in-person, online, or hybrid. All events should be engaging and leave the audience feeling satisfied.

In order to host a successful event, plans need to be laid out

3. Finding your audience

You may have a clearly defined target audience in mind for your event.

If not, you’ll need to conduct market research to find out what they need and where to find them.

With this in mind, you can consider the attendee’s experiences from start to finish, and understand the available touchpoints where you can deliver value and meet their expectations.

You may have a clearly defined target audience in mind for your event.

4. Preparing for the event

Setting schedules for the event along with rehearsal time is crucial to ensure a smooth delivery on the day.

There is less margin for error with virtual events, so thorough preparations need to be made and practice rounds should be included where possible.

In an effort to encourage engagement or audience participation, consider adding interactive elements like a dedicated Q&A segment.

Setting schedules for the event along with rehearsal time is crucial to ensure a smooth delivery on the day.

5. Tech checks

Testing the technology (including the integrations and functionality of your event management software) is imperative.

The equipment (lighting and sound) needs to be checked as well, and there should be internet connectivity backups just in case.

It is also best practice to have some technologically adept available on the day of the event to assist with the possibility of technical difficulties.

Testing allt the technology for the event is crucial.

Build your next event today with InvitePeople

InvitePeople is an event management platform with proven success

InvitePeople has assisted clients with creating digital conferences for more than 10 years. We are proud to deliver registration and payment systems, social functions, seminar programs, interactivity, and much more for virtual, hybrid, and in-person events.

Event management software that is easy to use

We offer world-class all-in-one event management software for various industries. Our event management tool is comprehensive, efficient, and effective.

Book a demo

Contact us to book a live demo. It is conducted via a video meeting so you can see first-hand how event planner software can take your events to the next level.

The features of InvitePeople’s event management tool

InvitePeople is an innovative event management software solution that can be used to plan and host various events for all types of industries. We offer full-service solutions that are continually updated in order to provide our clients with the latest in technology advancements.

World leading software for corporate events and meetings. On-site, digital and hybrid.

These are the helpful InvitePeople tools and features that help you create successful events:

A digital event platform

  • An online digital platform that allows you to design digital and hybrid events.
  • Provide access to resources (like proposals and presentations) from the event which people can view, comment on, and rate.

Digital front

  • Create a dedicated event website for digital and physical events.
  • Extend the lifespan of an exhibition by allowing companies, exhibitors, partners, or sponsors to showcase their products, representatives, and contact details to visitors via the digital platform.
  • Delegate content creation for the different activities to the relevant teams.
  • InvitePeople allows for integration with numerous other cloud services to provide clients with a holistic all-in-one platform.

Interactive feedback and meetings

  • Automated follow-ups with event goers about your event or the seminars they attended.
  • Facilitating 1-1 meeting between attendees and partners, speakers, or investors following presentations, all of which take place within the easy-to-use platform.
  • Make it easier for participants to set up quick meetings with ideal matches.


  • Create and sell tickets and coupons for your event. You’ll also be able to apply discounts, group bookings, and partner invitations as needed.
  • Distributing tickets via email or SMS. Participants can then get name tags and check in with print-on-demand or digital scanning.
  • Accept payments for both physical and digital events with credit cards, invoices, and Swish.
  • Let visitors reserve seats for your event’s arena, auditoriums, or tables. Likewise, exhibitors can book booths for trade shows and conferences using the event management software.
  • Handle the event registration and ticketing of visitors, press, exhibitors, speakers, moderators, and the like. This can also be used for online event management with online event registration.
Evaluate and analyze all aspects of your event.

Analysis and reporting

  • Tools that gather data and statistics for reporting purposes can then be used as insights.
  • You can let exhibitors, sponsors, and partners collect details about the leads generated at your event.
  • Import and export lists of data about the participants, seminars, and exhibitors.

Event organizing

  • Easy to use event templates that can also be customized.
  • Build and publish a schedule or itinerary for your event. Attendees will be able to view the plan and reserve their spots, be it online or in person.
  • Supervise all events created for the event from within the platform using the event management tool.
  • For physical or online trade shows or conferences, exhibitors will be able to become registered on the platform. This allows them to manage their representatives and create an online booth to exhibit their products and services before and after the event.


  • You can send invitations directly to inboxes via email or SMS and then share details and reminders with the attendees that register for the event.
  • Invite your participants to engage with your social media accounts as a means of extending their participation in the event.
  • You should also market the event on social media platforms and create shareable content to increase its visibility online.
  • You can let participants can chat and respond to questions in a moderated event feed.
InvitePeople supports multiple languages and time zones, both on the website and in the event app.
InvitePeople supports multiple languages and time zones, both on the website and in the event app.

Mobile-ready web app

  • InvitePeople is available as a mobile-ready responsive web app. This makes it easy for participants to register and take part in your event through their mobile phones.
  • You can include gamification elements with game plans and leaderboards in the buildup to the event.
  • Participants can opt-in to be notified about your event with push notifications.

Video content

  • Let participants have video meetings and sessions through the InvitePeople platform.
  • You can record live streams for online and hybrid events with InvitePeople.
  • With InvitePeople, you’ll be able to upload videos for your online events and digital conferences as a valuable on-demand resource.

Enhance the way you host events with software

Event management is enhanced by the latest advances in digital technology. Here are a collection of tips that will help you utilize your event management platform to the fullest.

Choose the best event for the occasion

Consider your goals and audience when determining the best type of event to suit the occasion. Finding the best medium is made easy with event planning software which comes with templates.

Consider your goals and audience when determining the best type of event to suit the occasion.

The build-up

Setting expectations for the event is important. Be sure to plan content around what to share and when so that you build up anticipation about the event and encourage attendees to engage before the event takes place.

This is one event management software benefit that can help increase both awareness about and excitement for your event.

Be sure to plan content around what to share and when so that you build up anticipation about the event and encourage attendees to engage before the event takes place.

Showcase your brand

Not everything in event management and hosting needs to be planned from scratch. The look and feel of the event can be easily determined when you let your brand shine, so be sure to incorporate matching branding that will enhance its perceptions.

Enabling event management software to work with your branding elements will make this process a simple one, especially when it comes to the event’s website.

The look and feel of the event can be easily determined when you let your brand shine, so be sure to incorporate matching branding that will enhance its perceptions.

Hosting hybrid events

With multiple ways to incorporate hybrid elements into your digital or physical event, you can offer the best of both worlds approach that can extend the accessibility of your event.

You can have entertainment and thoughtful gestures that are designed to connect attendees from around the world with the use of event planning software.

You can have entertainment and thoughtful gestures that are designed to connect attendees from around the world with the use of event planning software.

Creating an event team

Event managers can delegate tasks among an events team, both internally and externally. Event management software allows you to choose the best tools to bring your event to life with careful event management and planning, where everyone is clear on their involvement and responsibilities.

Event managers can delegate tasks among an events team, both internally and externally.

Include networking on the agenda

Whether the event is digital or hybrid, offering the opportunity to network is a primary way to add value for guests. Schedule sessions and meet-ups using the event management software to make it easy for everyone to make connections.

Set your self and your event team up for success with a premium event management software.

Which is the Best Event Management Software to Choose?

The best event management software allows you to be well-organized. It should offer full functionality to make it easy to manage and plan events and ensure that your audience is getting the best possible experience, with memorable features to boot.

We selected InvitePeople because of the platform’s ease of use for small meetings up to the most multifaceted setup for large conferences, both for physical, digital, and hybrid events.

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Upgrade your hosting with event planning software

The are multiple ways to create enticing events. Dare to go beyond the standard video meeting by making use of all the opportunities available on an event planning platform.

This innovative software can be used for events of all scales, with features that will level up your hosting and create a lasting impression for attendees.

Book your interactive demo with InvitePeople today.

InvitePeople offers an all-in-one solution, with the market’s widest range of features. Regardless of whether you are looking for a platform for the next conference or a solution for your entire company’s event and meeting strategy. Book a conversation with one of our event experts and we will tailor a package solution that suits you.