Abstract Management

Lay the foundation for a successful congress through a structured process for handling proposals for sessions – so-called abstracts. In our module for abstract management, you can invite organizations/persons to submit an abstract.

Proposals for event

How to manage abstracts for your event

The standard form for submissions can be adapted to your congress and process. The administrator (or administrators) can view all abstracts, add content managers and reviewers, view all reviews, and finally lock the proposals and published approved sessions. The person who submits an abstract automatically becomes the content manager. The content manager and administrator can send messages and share files with each other on the platform.

Reviewers can review one or more abstracts, rate them and write comments. All reviewers and administrators see other reviewers’ ratings and comments.

Rating av abstracts before event

When the review process is complete, the administrator decides which abstracts will be sessions. Approved abstracts are prepared for publication with time, place, and other information. It all ends up as a nicely presented schedule where the administrator has published the sessions in different, selectable tracks.

Do you have further questions about handling abstracts and seminar proposals? Book a short conversation with one of our advisors.