För att optimera hanteringen av data behöver du en strategi där personuppgifterna hanteras på ett säkert sätt och sammanställs så marknadsinsikter snabbt kan tas tillvara på.För att optimera hanteringen av data behöver du en strategi där personuppgifterna hanteras på ett säkert sätt och sammanställs så marknadsinsikter snabbt kan tas tillvara på.

Minimize security risks and maximize event data benefits

Regarding event-related personal data, it is essential to have complete control over all processes and procedures. Inadequate data handling can result in data loss and can incur fines if it is not GDPR-compliant. When it comes to utilizing the data for marketing purposes, insecure handling of data in Excel documents sent between external parties is frequently inefficient.

To optimize data management, you need a strategy in which personal data is handled securely and compiled so that market insights can be utilized expeditiously.

High demands on secure handling of event data

The EU Data Protection Regulation General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR, which entered into force on 25 May 2018, entails stricter requirements for the handling of personal data. For companies, this means higher requirements for routines and processes for secure handling of registers as well as requirements for a responsible management level. Failure to comply with the GDPR may result in a fine of up to 2 percent of the company’s global annual sales or up to EUR 10 million.

Before an event, personal data is collected on the participants, such as name, email, and food preferences. And just like any other personal data, the event data needs to be handled according to the GDPR. It is the company’s responsibility and obligation to comply with the laws, which includes total responsibility also for the various players in the supply chain who also have access to personal data.

At an event, it is easy for the event data to be entered into an excel document which is then placed on a USB stick. The document or stick is then sent between external suppliers before it finally reaches the company. This handling of personal data is problematic, as each step in the chain involves a risk of the data being lost or falling into the wrong hands.

Missed opportunities with unused event data

Taking control of the handling of event data also makes it possible to make better use of the data for marketing purposes. Event data is important to help planners and organizations understand exactly what is happening at their event and how they can improve things in the future. Whether it’s about measuring attendance or finding out which sessions people thought were most engaging, event data can be precious.

With external management of event data, there is a risk that the data will not be used quickly enough after the event has taken place. In addition, when the data is in excel format, it becomes a cumbersome and time-consuming process to interpret and analyze.

To streamline the management of data and act quickly on the insights, the data should be reported directly into a system that quickly gives you a clear overview. For example, there may be important insights about customers and their buying journey that emerge during trade fairs and events. This information can be used to reach out to the target group in the next step with relevant information and hopefully increase the ROI for the event.

Everything gathered in one place for optimal control

To both optimize security and streamline data management, it is smart to reduce the number of systems used and minimize the number of people involved. This means moving the management in-house and using only ONE data management system. By using a system with a complete solution, you gain control over the data and can use it in the best way. A system with a complete solution allows you to easily and securely administer the participants, and manage data, while you can communicate before, during, and after the implementation.

During the pandemic, we have witnessed how quickly the circumstances for events can change, and it is, therefore, a good time to take a new holistic approach to event management to secure successful events for the future. Whether a physical, digital or hybrid event, you create the conditions for the safest possible data management and better ROI.

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