The Benefits of Event Software that Will Enhance and Transform Hosting

Event management software is designed to help you plan and host better events. This transformative technology is packed with feature-rich benefits that will help you ace the 5 C’s of event management.

5 C’s of event management

The 5 C’s of event management are the cornerstones of evening planning. Event management software touches on each of these, helping to transform your event planning process.


Every event begins with a concept. The central point of an event is what ultimately brings people together – and how. Once the reason is defined, the delivery of the event can be determined, as well as the goals to achieve.

Event management software helps you outline the project in full. From this point, you can determine who your audience will be and the various ways to interact with them in the lead-up to your event or series of events.

Other details will also emerge once you decide on the concept, including the venue requirements, the date, and the times.

Coordinating your event


One of the most challenging aspects of planning an event with event management software is the coordination of the various elements involved in an all-in-one event.

When you’re using a central platform, everyone involved in the planning is connected and there is a seamless overview of the event in its entirety. This ensures that you remain organized and stay up to date on the relevant details.

The event schedule also forms part of coordination. This will determine the various elements you need to plan for, from the equipment to the location and guests. These will need to be planned in advance, with sufficient backups in place should the confirmations fall through.

Event management software works really well for this as managers and planners can see the event unfold with both the bigger picture in mind, as well as finite details. Tasks can be delegated, and the various people involved can also utilize the same software platform to ensure your event is comprehensively covered.

Marketing, presentations, transportation, budget, and catering are just some of the event planning elements that can be coordinated using event software.


Having control over an event can be tricky to achieve, albeit crucial. Event managers and planners should have measures in place to keep a handle on the event in its entirety, including crisis management when dealing with things outside of the direct sphere of control.

Keeping track of the event as it progresses is simplified with event software. With a go-to platform, everything is centralized under one roof for easy management in real time. Having adequate control measures will ensure that you are able to plan for the unexpected and see a successful outcome.


Culmination refers to the event itself, as all of the prior planning comes to fruition. Ensuring that everything is ready and that everyone on the events team is ready are important factors that could determine the success of the event.

Keeping a handle on the event as it occurs is imperative. You’ll need to meet your audience’s expectations with a smooth unfolding of the schedule and an enjoyable experience for attendees.

Event management software is not only designed for planning events, but also for the rollout of events. An example of this is that it provides you with access to registrations and ticketing for entry into an event.


The event manager’s role continues even after the event wraps up. There are various areas that will require attention, from reporting on the performance of the event to ensuring that suppliers are paid and the audience has access to relevant post-event information.

Having an integrated event software system in place ensures that you can provide adequate feedback and keep track of everything to ensure that no steps are missed.

The InvitePeople Event Management Platform

We selected InvitePeople because of the platform’s ease of use for small meetings up to the most multifaceted setup for large conferences, both for physical, digital, and hybrid events.

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Transformative features of an all-in-one event management platform

Event planning software brings everything you need to plan and host events to one platform. Here are the top features and functions to look for:

Planning your event with dedicated software will speed up the process and set you on a better path of reaching your event goals.

Types of events:

  • Conferences
  • Corporate meetings
  • Trade shows
  • Conventions
  • Webinars
  • Forums
  • Internal meetings

Helpful event management tools:

InvitePeople, a secure and seamless event management premium platform.
  • Video meetings
  • Teams & Zoom integrations
  • Live streaming
  • On-demand video
  • Networking sessions
  • Event chat
  • Q&A
  • Gamification
  • Virtual exhibition booths
  • Matchmaking

Easy to use event management software for hosting:

  • Invitations
  • Registration
  • Event homepage templates
  • Email templates
  • Secure Login
  • Email and SMS coms
  • Seminar planning tool
  • Statistics
  • Post-event surveys
  • Classic conference tech

Event planning software for hybrid and in-person events

  • Registration and ticketing
  • Payments
  • Scanning
  • Seating planning tool
  • Expo hall planning and event layouts
An all-in-one event management software is an essential tool for successful events.

Features of InvitePeople event management software

InvitePeople is an innovative event management software solution that can be used to plan and host various events for all types of industries. We offer full-service solutions that are continually updated in order to provide our clients with the best. These are the helpful InvitePeople tools you need to create successful events:

Classic Event Management Tools

Management software for events has not entirely reinvented the wheel; in fact, core elements traditionally used for event planning are still in effect today, albeit in a more effective way. Recognize these from your events?

A digital event platform

An online digital platform that allows you to design digital and hybrid events.

1-1 meetings

Facilitate 1-1 meetings between attendees and partners, speakers, or investors following presentations, all of which take place within the easy-to-use platform.


Automated follow-ups with eventgoers about your event or the seminars they attended.

Print-on-demand check-in

Distribute tickets via email or SMS. Participants can then get name tags and check in with print-on-demand or digital scanning.

Analysis tools

Tools that gather data and statistics for reporting purposes can then be used as insights.

Resource management

Provide access to proposals and presentations from the event which people can view, comment on, and rate.

Event templates

Easy-to-use event templates that can also be customized.


Create and sell tickets and coupons for your event. You’ll also be able to apply discounts, group bookings, and partner invitations as needed.

Event Schedule

Build and publish a schedule or itinerary for your event. Attendees will be able to view the plan and reserve their spots, be it online or in person.


You can send invitations directly to inboxes via email or SMS and then share details and reminders with the attendees that register for the event.

Social media

Invite your participants to engage with your social media accounts as a means of extending their participation in the event.

You should also market the event on social media platforms and create shareable content to increase its viability online.

Mobile-ready web app

InvitePeople is available as a mobile-ready responsive web app. This makes it easy for participants to register and take part in your event through their mobile phones.


You can include gamification elements with game plans and leaderboards in the buildup to the event.

Exhibitor management

For physical or online trade shows or conferences, exhibitors will be able to become registered on the platform. This allows them to manage their representatives and create an online booth to exhibit their products and services before and after the event.


Accept payments for both physical and digital events with credit cards, invoices, and Swish.

Live streaming

You can record live streams for online and hybrid events with InvitePeople.

Push notifications

Participants can opt-in to be notified about your event with push notifications.

Video uploads

With InvitePeople, you’ll be able to upload videos for your online events and digital conferences as a value-on-demand resource.

Speed meetings

Make it easier for participants to set up quick meetings with ideal matches.

Video meetings

Let participants have video meetings and sessions through the InvitePeople platform.

Digital expo

Extend the lifespan of an exhibition by allowing companies, exhibitors, partners, or sponsors to showcase their products, representatives, and contact details to visitors via the digital platform.


You can let participants can chat and respond to questions in a moderated event feed.

Content management

Delegate content creation for the different activities to the relevant teams.

Reserved seating

Let visitors reserve seats for your event’s arena, auditoriums, or tables. Likewise, exhibitors can book booths for trade shows and conferences using the event management software.

Registration and ticketing

Handle the event registration and ticketing of visitors, press, exhibitors, speakers, moderators, and the like. This can also be used for online event management with online event registration.

Supervise all your events

Supervise all events created for the event from within the platform using the event management tool.

Event website

Create a dedicated event website for digital and physical events.


InvitePeople allows for integration with numerous other cloud services to provide clients with a holistic all-in-one platform.

Import and export data

Import and export lists of data about the participants, seminars, and exhibitors.

Lead scanning

You can let exhibitors, sponsors, and partners collect details about the leads generated at your event.

Top tips to enhance the way you host events

The efficacy of event management can be enhanced using the latest advances in digital technology. Here are a collection of tips that will help you utilize your event management platform to the fullest.

Choose the best event for the occasion

To choose the best event for the occasion, you’ll need to consider your goals and audience. Finding the best medium is made easy with event planning software which comes with templates.

Plan your next conference with an event software

The build-up

Setting expectations before your event is important. Plan your content around what to share and when so that you build up anticipation about the event and encourage attendees to engage before the event takes place.

This is one event management software benefit that can help increase awareness and excitement about your event, so be sure to utilize it.

Showcase your brand

Not everything in event management and hosting needs to be planned from scratch. Questions about how to choose the look and feel of the event are easily answered when you let your brand shine. Incorporate matching branding that will enhance perceptions.

Enabling event management software to work with your branding elements will make this process a simple one, especially when it comes to the look and feel of the event’s website.

Build an event that strengthen your brand

Hosting hybrid events

There are multiple ways to incorporate hybrid elements into your digital or physical event. This method offers a best-of-both-worlds approach that can extend the accessibility of your event.

You can have entertainment and thoughtful gestures that are designed to connect attendees from around the world with the use of event planning software.

An all-in-one event management software is an essential tool for successful events.

Creating an event team

Event managers can assign roles and delegate tasks among an events team. Event management software allows you to choose the best tools to bring your event to life with careful event management and planning, where everyone is clear on their involvement and responsibilities.

Create your own event team

Include networking in the agenda

Whether the event is digital or hybrid, offering the opportunity to network is a primary way to add value for guests. Schedule sessions and meet-ups using the event management software to make it easy for everyone to make connections.

Upgrade your hosting with event planning software

The are multiple ways to create enticing events. Dare to go beyond the standard video meeting by making use of all the opportunities available on an event planning platform.

It can be used for events of all scales, with features that will level up your hosting and create a lasting impression for attendees.

The best event management software

Ready to start your journey to hosting events enhanced by the latest technology?

Event management software is easy to use and packed with multiple benefits and features that can truly transform your events. With the tips above, you can create stand-out digital, hybrid, and in-person events, all from an all-in-one event management platform.

This is a software solution that your brand is bound to use multiple times, from internal meetings to full-scale events for clients.

The InvitePeople Event Management Platform

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