Manage tickets, coupons, and payments for your physical and virtual events. Whether you need simple ticket management or a more advanced one with discounts, group bookings, and partner invitations.

Different types of tickets

Use different ticket types with different prices for different groups of participants. These can be, for example, payers, students, speakers and sponsors. In combination, you can use promotional codes to provide unique discounts within a ticket type. The validity of both ticket types and codes can be limited by date ranges for, for example, early-bird prices.

The number of tickets can be limited per buyer but also of course for how many tickets there are per type in total. You can also use volume discounts and limit a certain type of payment, such as invoicing, to a certain minimum amount.

Different tickets can be given different access to both physical and digital parts of an event. You can easily communicate via SMS and email with the group of buyers of a ticket type.

You can continuously monitor sales, at a detailed level. When the event is completed, you will receive a complete financial report of your ticket sales.

Ticket handling at physical events

For ticket management onsite at physical events, we offer a complete solution with contactless scanning of the participant’s QR code and printing of name badge. Complete with our kiosk solution for simplified registration for participants and / or your staff on site.