Statistics and analysis tool

InvitePeople’s tools for statistics and reporting help you to build insights and knowledge about your events. Various data points will help you evaluate the different components of the event. From invitations and participants, via real-time activity, to engagement and create meetings.

Extensive graphical reporting is available directly in the platform, but data can also be analyzed further via export to Excel or via API directly to your CRM system.

Evaluate engagement

Follow which seminars drew the most audience, and where the audience stayed until the end. When did participation peak? Which parts generated the most activity and reactions? Everything you need to evaluate and improve the participant experience over time.

The analysis module can also help you optimize events by, for example, showing the booking rate for physical seminars in advance and thereby preventing it from getting fully booked by giving you a chance to increase the number of seats.

Follow-up ROI and business goals

For paid events, there is complete financial reporting on ticket sold, discounts used and payment variants. For exhibitors and sponsors, there is data on stand visits and activity. For events with the aim of creating individual meetings between different parties, there is full reporting on both scheduled and spontaneous meetings that take place in the platform.

Data points on each participant can also be created through the possibility to add optional parameters.

Examples of data points

  • Number of tickets sold or registered delegates
  • Real-time activities
  • Participant information with optional parameters
  • Meetings and messages
  • Sessions and downloads
  • Follow-up and surveys
  • Email and invitations
  • Live broadcasts

If you want to see more of the possibilities for follow-up and analysis – book a call with one of our advisors.