Digital event platform

Digital event platform

Design your digital or hybrid event platform

Set up an event that is entirely online or arrange a hybrid digi-physical event. With InvitePeople, create a custom designed web site and let participants register and invite them to the event’s own digital platform. Participants, exhibitors, partners and sponsors can easily exchange contact information and book video conferences and virtual meetings online. Create an agenda where participants can check in to live streams or video conferences or access pre-recorded material and documents.

What Types Of Online Events Can I Use InvitePeople For?

  • Digital Conferences
  • Hybrid Conferences
  • Physical Conferences
  • Online Trade Shows
  • Hybrid Trade Shows
  • Physical Trade Shows
  • Online, Hybrid or Physical Workshops
  • Online or Hybrid Webinars
  • Livestreams & Keynote Presentations
  • Online Motivational & Educational Presentations
  • Online Sales Presentations
  • Promotion events and much more

Online, Digital and Hybrid event Features

In the digital platform Participants can:

  • Follow real-time seminars and lectures.
  • Watch already broadcasted seminars and lectures.
  • Interact with lecturers and submit questions, participate in surveys and more.
  • Chat with other participants and make new contacts.
  • Book video conferences with other participants, individually or in groups.
  • Read about and get in touch with sponsors and partners.
  • Participate in evaluations per seminar and for the entire event.

In the digital platform organizers and partners/sponsors/exhibitors can:

  • Post messages and updates in the event feed.
  • Personalized notifications before meetings and seminars.
  • Retrieve leads from the digital exhibition and for each seminar.
  • Engage participants with gamification.
  • Marketing with banners and interactive social media connections