Corporate Access Conferences

Corporate Access Conferences

Let investors meet with companies in a platform dedicated to combine company presentations with 1-1 meetings. The conference can be fully digital, physical or a hybrid combination of the two. It is held behind secure login to ensure only invited persons can enter.


Invite investors to register for the event and keep track on who will attend and who will not. Send emails or text messages to participants with log in links, instructions and other information.

Company presentations

Presenting companies have their own page were they can present their company with product presentations, information for the investors to download, links to web pages and more.

The presentations are streamed in parallel tracks and in a combination of live presentations and pre-recorded material. They can be uploaded in the platform for investors to view afterwards.

One to one meetings

One to one, one to many, or many to many.

The administrators can plan and schedule all meetings within the platform or do the preparations outside and import the meetings closer to the event. All participants with meetings will receive an email with a listing of their meetings and a calendar iCal for each meeting together with login to the conference.

Participants with scheduled meeting will see their meetings in the platform, get notifications just before the meetings. They can test their computer and browser in the platform to ensure meetings with minimal complications.

During the event the organizers can monitor all meetings in real time, see when participants entered and departed each meeting. If anyone is having complications, the organizer can instantly check browser status, contact the person, and solve the problem.

After the event, organizer get extended statistics on who met who, number of meetings, number of participants, which pages they looked at and much more.

The organizer can handle the platform all by themselves to create and manage events with quick and reliable support from InvitePeople.