About Invite People

InvitePeople is a Stockholm based company developing IT-systems for the meeting and event industry with focus on how to use data from multiple sources to empower organizers, exhibitors, partners, sponsors and attendees to interact, plan and meet before, during and after events.

What InvitePeople do

Focusing on the core of events - the personal meeting - InvitePeople offers an event organizer toolkit with mobile and web solutions for all participants.

InvitePeople brings many vital tools together in one easy to handle system: promotion, registration & ticketing, payments, seminar registration, social networking, social media connections and much more.

By combining data from many different sources into one system, InvitePeople open doors to new possibilities of data management. The system gathers information from multiple sources and combines this with its own internal or user generated data. Integration with many major exhibitor registration-, CRM- and ticketing systems as well as APIs to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social networks produce a unique body of information.

The collected data is used seamlessly for a number of services and features. In real time, activities and changes are simultaneously viewable through out the system.

The platform is cloud based, scalable and developed with open source.