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InvitePeople’s Matchmaking Software

Our powerful matchmaking software has a proven track record of success in various settings, from partner conferences to investor meetings and other B2B environments. With ease, it has orchestrated thousands of meetings at single events.

Build and Develop Valuable Connections

Our capable matchmaking software is designed to make one-on-one meetings at business events simpler. It makes sure attendees are matched with the most compatible people present by analyzing your internal ratings, participant preferences, and priorities with the help of cutting-edge algorithms.

This software effortlessly produces an optimized meeting schedule for all participants, factoring in their unique requests, priorities, and personal schedules. With our software, event organizers can curate a highly personalized and enriching experience for attendees, ultimately enhancing the overall return on investment for their events.

1. Effortless Meeting Setups

Connecting businesses with investors, suppliers with resellers, and more – our software streamlines meeting organizations, no matter the setting.

2. Intelligent Meeting Scheduling

Our smart matchmaking technology considers participant ratings and preferences to create schedules that make sense. Customize as needed with a visual overview at your fingertips.

3. Seamless Approval Workflow

Ensure perfect alignment with your event’s goals by sending out individual or company-based schedules for approval. Keep everyone in sync.

4. Real-time Updates

Stay agile with real-time adjustments. Our system seamlessly updates the logged-in view of your event site and Progressive web app as changes occur.

5. Personal Event Calendars

Participants can effortlessly subscribe to individual event calendars, integrating their meetings into their own email applications for a seamless experience.

Effortless and Powerful

Matchmaking for Your Event

In just a few easy steps, transform the daunting task of scheduling into a seamless experience. Whether you’re pairing suppliers with resellers or blending on-site venues with digital meeting spaces, our software has got you covered.

Harness the intelligence of our platform as it intuitively matches participants according to their roles, preferences, and interests. In mere minutes, behold a comprehensive draft of all your one-on-one meetings, ready to elevate your event to new heights. Dive into the future of event planning with InvitePeople today!

Connect to your CRM

Unlock the power of your event data with InvitePeople. Seamlessly integrate with your CRM system to harness event insights for streamlined omnichannel marketing and sales. Strengthen customer connections and fuel precise engagements with our invaluable insights.

Trusted in Diverse Settings

InvitePeople’s matchmaking software has successfully powered partner conferences, investor meetings, and other B2B environments. It effortlessly manages thousands of meetings at single events.

Why Choose InvitePeople?

Who Benefits from Our Software? Our software is designed for anyone organizing business events with one-on-one meetings.

Fast and Flexible Scheduling: Save time with fast scheduling and enjoy the flexibility to make adjustments as needed.

Effortless Communication: Easily share personal details with all participants, ensuring everyone has the right information.

No Miscommunication: Say goodbye to misunderstandings. All participants receive accurate meeting details.

Scalable Pricing: We offer flexible pricing based on usage, allowing you to scale your license as your event grows.

CRM Integration: Seamlessly integrate with most major CRM platforms through APIs, enhancing your event management capabilities.

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