Hybrid Event Platform that will Transform the Way you Host Events

InvitePeople is the ultimate hybrid event platform for hosting events. With this software solution for hybrid events, you can seamlessly host and accommodate both in-person and virtual guests.

Packed with helpful features, businesses can now offer the best in class. Read on to learn everything you need to know.

What is a Hybrid Event Platform?

A hybrid event platform is essentially an event management software that allows event planners to organize digital and in-person events. It includes all the tools in a single platform to make it easy to manage the process, from conception to post-event reporting.

Hybrid events have become a popular option as the world opens back up, with no signs of slowing down. Event organizers worldwide have become accustomed to offering virtual broadcasts of in-person events.

With a hybrid event platform, event organizers can easily host all types of events. This allows for two experiences to occur simultaneously, as in-person attendees enjoy the physical event while online visitors enjoy the virtual hybrid experience brought to their screens upon event registration.

Hybrid event requires different tech

Hybrid Event Platform
– Maximizes your ability to reach audiences

Hybrid events are popular for brands as it maximizes your ability to reach audiences. You can cater to those in the vicinity and expand your reach globally if you wish, without geographical limitations.

There are many reasons why having the virtual attendance option is favored. It takes into account the various reasons why someone is unable to attend the physical event, including compassion for those who may be uncomfortable attending in-person events.

In addition to this, virtual events allow you to expand your hosting abilities sustainably, as people can curb the need to travel if it is unnecessary to do so.

Virtual events have come a long way since their start, which often meant a simply live broadcast of a physical event from a single camera. With advanced technology packaged in a hybrid event platform, you can take your virtual event to the next level.

How do you run Hybrid Events?

Since hybrid events have become increasingly popular in recent years, it is important that the events are well run and organized. All of the steps listed below can be carried out via a hybrid event platform.

1. Set the goal for the Hybrid Event

Every event begins with planning. Determining the event strategy is important as it ensures that the goals are defined. This should be a guiding compass throughout. During this stage, you can also visualize and plan how the event will plan out both in person and online.

2. Audience research

The next step is to find your audience. Market research is key to connecting with your target audience and securing the desired event registrations for in-person and virtual audiences.

3. Event planning and preparation

Every event begins with planning. Determining the event strategy is important as it ensures that the goals are defined. This should be a guiding compass throughout. During this stage, you can also visualize and plan how the event will plan out both in person and online.

4. Test the technology

It is important that the technical tests and preparation testing are completed before the event day. Having help on hand is also important in the event that an issue arises.

5. Review the event

Finally, it is essential to review the event. Hybrid events are significant as they allow for data to be collected from both in-person attendees and virtual guests.

Each of the processes above is equally important. It is easy to see how running a virtual event may become overwhelming and disjointed.

That is why using a hybrid event platform is critical – it keeps everything all in one place and helps keep track of the journey from start to finish.

What is the best platform for Hybrid Events?

The best hybrid event platform is one that you can rely on for all kinds of events. It should be a market leader with years of trusted experience.

InvitePeople is a hybrid event platform that offers event organizers, project managers, and brands just that. The company has evolved from creating digital conferences for over a decade to catering to the requirements of all kinds of modern-day events.

InvitePeople, a secure and seamless event management premium platform.

InvitePeople – The ultimate Hybrid Events Platform

InvitePeople offers the complete package for hybrid events, as well as fully virtual and in-person events. The hybrid event platform includes all the necessary management tools and helpful features to enhance events.

When you get started with InvitePeople, you can request a free demo. This demonstrates how you can use this cutting-edge technology to transform your events.

This innovative software solution is capable of planning and managing events of all sizes, so you can scale it with your business as it grows.

What are the features of a Hybrid Event Platform?

Engage and inspire your audience with hybrid events. Let’s take a look at the key features of these platforms.

A cloud-based Hybrid Event Platform

Having an online platform allows you to design hybrid events which can be accessed from anywhere. This makes event planning easier for everyone involved in the planning.

For instance, you can provide access to resources (like proposals and presentations for both the in-person and virtual aspects of the hybrid event) that people can view, comment on, and rate.

A cloud-based Hybrid Event Platform

Having an online platform allows you to design hybrid events which can be accessed from anywhere. This makes event planning easier for everyone involved in the planning.

For instance, you can provide access to resources (like proposals and presentations for both the in-person and virtual aspects of the hybrid event) that people can view, comment on, and rate.

Website creation for Hybrid Events

If you need to create a website or microsite for the event specifically, the software can help you set it up easily. This is important for hybrid events as you’ll need a page that has all the details, tickets, and registration available for the hybrid event.

If your event includes partnerships with other companies, exhibitors, or sponsors, this also gives them a digital platform to extend their visibility stemming from their involvement in the event.

Meetings at Hybrid Events

Facilitating 1-1 meetings between attendees and partners, speakers, or investors following presentations can take place on the easy-to-use platform.

This can be seen as a bonus feature for guests who are able to network, whether they attend the in-person event or the online version.

Ticketing on hybrid event platforms

Hybrid events often require ticketing systems. You can create and offer tickets for your event from the InvitePeople platform. You’ll also be able to apply discounts, group bookings, and partner invitations if needed.

If the tickets are for sale, you’ll be able to accept payments.

The event management platform lets visitors reserve seats for your event’s arena, auditoriums, or tables, and exhibitors book booths for trade shows and conferences.

This applies to both in-person and virtual events in the hybrid model.

Analysis and reporting

Built-in tools gather data and statistics for reporting purposes, which can then be used to create performance reports and valuable insights about the hybrid event.

You will also be able to generate leads at your hybrid event, with data collection and storage processes being simplified with import and export lists.


Event organizers will have the benefit of direct communication with attendees. This includes sending invitations, details, and reminders, all from within the platform.

An all-in-one event management software is an essential tool for successful events.

How do you promote Hybrid Events?

Promoting hybrid events is key to hosting a successful event that is worth the effort of the event organizers. There are several ways to promote hybrid events, and the specific strategy employed will depend on the type of event you’re hosting and the industry you’re in.

That said, here are some of the general ways you can utilize your marketing toolbox to promote your hybrid events:

Social media marketing for a Hybrid Event

One of the easiest ways to reach your audience directly is via social media. This helps create awareness and can make it easy for people to register for both an in-person event and a virtual event.

Email marketing from the hybrid event platform

Email marketing remains one of the best models for marketing communications. You can send out invitations via email, as well as reminders leading up to the event with direct links to the registration pages.

Website for the Hybrid Event

Your website is your online storefront, so be sure to include all of the details about the event here. This will make it easy for people to find out exactly what they need to know and prepare accordingly.

PR for the Hybrid Event

Generating buzz from outside of your direct control is also important. Make an effort to generate PR and get influencers involved to spread the word about the event.

Traditional marketing to promote the Hybrid Event

If you utilize traditional marketing, then be sure to include the event in this strategy as well. Large-scale hybrid events targeting the masses may benefit hugely from billboard advertising.

The InvitePeople Event Management Platform

What are the benefits of a Hybrid Event Platform?

There are many helpful features of hybrid event platforms. InvitePeople clients have access to all of the features and tools listed below, and so much more!

Savings for event organizers

An event management platform allows you to reduce the costs involved in event planning. The all-in-one platform allows you to save on the two most valuable resources: time and money.

From managing budgets to helping make the event organizer’s job that much easier, this is a primary benefit.

Project management tools in the Hybrid Event Platform

With so many tools at your disposal, you can effectively manage a project from a single platform.

You can organize, manage, and monitor each of the processes involved, from reservations to check-ins and post-event communication.

Information for your Hybrid Events

With all of your information in one place, you and your team are less likely to have out-of-date or contradictory information in various systems. When you update a one-on-one meeting, for example, the participants’ personal calendars are instantly updated. There is no need to keep track of multiple versions of a document that have been circulated in e-mails and on servers.

Managing attendees at the Hybrid Event

Leading on from the above, you can set up automated communications and steps for attendees.

This helps ensure a successful event by providing consistent messaging and taking attendees on a journey with your event, from sending reminders and important details to building anticipation and sending messages of thanks.

Integrated Marketing for each Hybrid Event

Integrate your marketing and promotional strategy for the event with the event management software.

This includes email, content, and social media marketing that ultimately deliver a well-rounded strategy.

Flexibility in the Hybrid Event Platform

Event management software allows for flexibility which can be really helpful, especially when it comes to adjusting to the needs of hybrid events.

For example, adapting to the number of virtual attendees without the risk of the site slowing or crashing, or sending out specific event details to segmented audiences (in other words, certain communications that will be shared with attendees depending on if they’re attending in person or virtually).

Customization on Hybrid Event Platforms

With a platform built to accommodate hybrid events, you can expect full customization options for the event.

You can use tried and tested templates with options to tailor them to your specific needs, or plan an event from scratch your way. This means multiple options to make this event yours with distinctive branding.

Complex event management with Hybrid Event Platforms

Hybrid events can require complex processes and tools for both the organizers and the audience. With its sophisticated design, it can facilitate complex transactions like matching one-to-one meetings and mixing virtual and in-person venue bookings for the event, as well as link management, to make it easy to join virtually.

This software can also be used to plan multiple events at a time.

Interactive features for Reporting

Event managers can monitor the event and track its performance. This extends to the event in its entirety, from pre-event to during and post-event reporting.

This is especially important to track as it happens in real-time. With event management software, you can monitor both the in-person and virtual aspects to get a comprehensive performance review of the hybrid event.

Are you ready to test a premium Hybrid Event Platform?

InvitePeople is the ultimate platform for hosting hybrid events. Upscale your event planning and hosting with this innovative software solution. With a holistic platform that covers your event in its entirety, you can look forward to enhancing the hosting capabilities of your business, be it virtual, in-person, or hybrid events.

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