Whitelisting emails, live streams and video meetings

It’s common that for example corporations and governmental agencies have high security requirements. This might result in troubles using InvitePeople for the employees of these organizations. Sometimes the IT department of such organization will have to whitelist some of InvitePeople’s services in order for it to work properly.


InvitePeople follows best practices when delivering emails and implements the 3 common security protocols for emails (SPF, DKIM and DMARC). We maintain a very high reputation as sender and our emails get good scores in email spam tests. Despite this sometimes emails will get stuck on the way to the recipient.

Whitelisting InvitePeople as a trusted sender on the organizations email servers might help. We send all our emails from the following IP addresses:


Live streams

Live video is sometimes blocked in an organizations network. This might be due to bandwidth savings, security or other reasons. This could cause an array of errors in the web browser, and ultimately the participants won’t be able to see the live streams.

Whitelisting InvitePeople for video streaming inside the network might help. InvitePeople delivers live video from subdomains of:

  • live-video.net

Video meetings

In order for video meetings to work the participants need to be able to allow access to their cameras and microphones in the web browser at InvitePeople.com. Some organizations only allow their employees to access camera and microphone for pre approved whitelisted apps or websites. Participants will then not be able to interact in video meetings.

Whitelisting InvitePeople to access the participants cameras and microphones through the web browser might help. InvitePeople will need access to the participants cameras from the following domains:

  • invitepeople.com
  • invitepeople.daily.co