Video meeting participant limits

There is a hard limit for every video meeting room in InvitePeople. Regular video meetings and video meeting workshops has a limit of 300 participants. Video meeting broadcasts has a limit of 1000 participants.

The below table shows the total number of participants that can enter a room, regardless of role. The recommended number of cameras on (active speakers) is much lower.
Video meeting type Hard participant limit
Video meeting 300
Video meeting breakout 300
Video meeting workshop 300
Video meeting broadcast 1000

Recommended number of active speakers

It is recommended to keep the number of active speakers (speakers with either microphone, camera or screen share on) down. We recommend a max of 12 active speakers. The raise hands function for Video meeting workshops kick in at this number.

The general recommendation is to keep the number of active speakers to max 12 participants.

Active speakers in Video meeting broadcasts

Video meeting broadcast are special in the sense that they allow up to a 1000 participants. The perk is that when the number of participants rise the number of active speakers has to go down. Up to 400 participants, 12 active speakers is still OK. When more participants enter the number of active speakers will have to be limited.

InvitePeople does not limit the number of active speakers in a Video meeting broadcast automatically. The organizer will have to ensure that the number of speakers are kept within the limits stated in the below table.
Number of participants Max number of active speakers
> 400 12
> 500 9
> 600 7
> 700 5
> 800 4
> 900 3