Recommended video upload settings

To enable a smooth uploading and encoding process that will optimize the viewing experience for your visitors in all major browsers and mobile devices, it’s important that the video files are configured correctly. We strongly advise that you follow the video exporting recommendations below.

InvitePeople accepts almost every kind of video format and codec. Though InvitePeople handles a certain video format it is important that the video files are configured correctly to get the best possible result. Almost every video editing software on the market today let you decide how to export your video files. These are our recommendations:


  • Codec: H.264
    A codec is the format in which your video will be encoded. Different codecs have different features and varying quality. For best results, we recommend using H.264 (sometimes called MP4).
  • Frame Rate: 25, 30, 50 or 60 FPS
    If you know at which frame rate you shot, it is best to encode at the same frame rate.
  • Video Bitrate: 2 000 kbps (SD) or 5 000 kbps (HD)
    This setting controls both the visual quality of the video and the file size. In most video editing programs, this is specified in terms of kilobits per second (kbps). Use 2 000 kbps for videos in standard quality (SD) or 5 000 kbps for high-definition video (HD).
  • Resolution: 640px width (SD) or 1 280px width (HD)
    Use 640px width for videos in standard quality (SD) and 1280px width for high-definition video (HD). If you have the option to control the pixel aspect ratio (not the display aspect ratio), make sure it is set to “1:1” or “1.00“, sometimes referred to as “square pixels”.


  • Codec:  AAC
    For best results, we recommend using AAC for the audio codec.
  • Audio Bitrate:  320 kbps
    320 kbps is the highest quality Audio Data rate we currently support.
  • Sample Rate:  44,1 kHz
    44.1 kHz is the highest Audio Sample rate we currently support.