Digital conferences

We have served our clients creating digital conferences for more than 10 years and are proud to be able to deliver registration and payment systems, social functions, seminar programs, interactivity and much more for both physical and online conferences.

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The demo takes place in a video meeting with screen sharing. Please contact us if you do not find a time that suits you.

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Mats Storckenfeldt

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The platform for digital events

With the recent world developments, creating great difficulties in arranging physical conferences, we have noticed a sharp interest in our digital solutions. Sign up for a demo to see if InvitePeople's digital conferencing system can be a solution for you.

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With InvitePeople, participants can

  • Follow real-time seminars and lectures.
  • Watch already broadcasted seminars and lectures.
  • Interact with lecturers and submit questions, participate in surveys and more.
  • Chat with other participants and make new contacts.
  • Book video conferences with other participants, individually or in groups.
  • Read about and get in touch with sponsors and partners.
  • Participate in evaluations per seminar and for the entire event.

Organizers and partners can

  • Post messages and updates in the event feed.
  • Retrieve leads from the digital exhibition and for each seminar.
  • Engage participants with gamification.