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Welcome reception

22.4.2024 Monday

Official welcome reception and registration at Stockholmsmässan Press Centre


Registration with start at 16:30

18:00 Official opening & speaches

 Drinks & sandwishes

20:30 Ends

Fully booked!
Dinner at the Vasa Museum

23.4.2024 Tuesday

One of our social events is a dinner at the Vasa museum – including a tour of the museum before the dining. 
At the Vasa museum it is possible to see, up close, the majestic warship that sank on its maiden voyage in 1628, and learn about the disastrous end of its short journey, as well as about the life on board. It will also be an opportunity to mingle and have a great evening! 


18.45 Guided -tour

19:15 Music, mingel & sparkling drinks beside the ship.

19:50 Dinner & speaches

21:45 Ends

About the Vasa Museum