At RoomVent 2024, researchers together with trade and industry will have the opportunity to discuss current research articles from around the world. Five focus areas are on the agenda for the conference; indoor climate, ventilation and energy performance, modelling and measurement performance, commissioning and inspection as well as industrial ventilation.

Themes and session topics at RoomVent 2024

Indoor climate

Thermal climate
Indoor air quality
Health aspects
Airborne pathogens
Hygiene in work environments
Human micro-environments


Ventilation and energy performance

Performance requirements
Performance verification
Design aspects
Demand controlled ventilation
Air distribution
Air infiltration
Energy recovery
Control and surveillance
Occupant behavior

Modeling and measurement

Modeling as a scientific tool
Modeling as a design tool
Validation of models
Novel measurement methods

Commissioning and inspection

Visual methods

Industrial ventilation

Occupational Health
Control of emissions and exposures
Relationship between ventilation and health
Regulations, standards and guidelines
Pollutant control
Localized exhaust ventilation
General ventilation and pollutant dilution
Air filtration and treatment
Containment methods
Ventilation design and solutions
Thermal comfort, energy efficiency and acoustic control
Innovative technologies and products for industry
Innovative experimental and numerical methods

Specialized applications

Underground ventilation
Fire safety
Clean rooms and laboratories
Nuclear industry