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Health Data for Better Care, an European Perspective Passed

Wednesday May 24, 2023 13:00 - 17:00 Open Seminar Area

Key-note speaker: Anders Ekholm
Lecturers: Anna KarinKlomp, Elmir Omerovic, Johan Kahlström, Karina Tellinger, Lotta Liljelund, Sara Bucher, Ulf Österstad
Moderator: Montserrat Daban
Presenter: Jaanus Pikani
Panelists: Hille Hinsberg, Jordi Piera Jiménez, Michel Silvestri, Petronille Bogaert

Track: Open Seminar Area

Data is a vital part of healthcare delivery and bring advantages for stakeholders in the system to enable data-driven decisions, management, and care. Last decades new technology has opened immense opportunities to what?  However, in Sweden and other European countries, several challenges exist to access to and use of health data, such as ownership issues, the connection between different data structures or how data generated in research can be shared and used in healthcare. Interoperability between different actors can and needs to be improved to leverage the full potential of health data and enable more efficient and equal patient care.

This session is divided into two parts where the first one will address how different stakeholders view opportunities and challenges connected to an increased use of data, linked to well-being and health. Starting from the patient perspective, t the discussions will deepen with the view of healthcare professionals and end up with a joint discussion and list of recommendations to policymakers.

The second part of this event will bring together stakeholders from different EU member states to explore the potential challenges and opportunities presented by the European Health Data space in enhancing patient care. Additionally, the panel will assess the preparedness of EU countries to implement the system from diverse angles. This panel is an initiative of the EU-funded project EDAH, which aims to bridge the gap in EHDS roll-out across Europe.

PROGRAM (under development)

Health data for Better Care
13:00Welcome!Johan Kahlström, Novartis, Jaanus Pikani, EDAH
13:10A future healthcare vision enable by health dataAnders Ekholm, Senior Advisor, Institute for Future Studies
Panel discussion - IN SWEDISH
Improving care through health data
Lotta Liljelund, Moderator

SKR - ongoing initiates and strategies
Karina Tellinger McNeil, Strategist SKR.

Patient Organization -
Sharing of Health data, the patient's perspective

Anna Karin Klomp, Astma o allergiförbundet, Hälso- och sjukvårdspolitiskt ansvarig

Speciality Care – Experiences and challenges utilizing health dataSara Bucher, Överläkare, Projektledare Digitala Vårdmiljöer, Örebro

Primary Care - Experiences and challenges utilizing health data Ulf Österstad, Primärvårdläkare, Operations Manager Bra Liv

Swedish quality register, Swedeheart – Gains and opportunities in registersElmir Omerovic, MD, PhD, FESC, Professor of Cardiology, Sahlgrenska & Göterborgs Univ.

International panel discussion by EU project EDAH (in English) -
“EHDS – Where are we and what’s next?”

14:45-14:50EHDS policy introduction
Montse Daban, Director of Science Policy & Internationalisation at

Panel discussion 

Moderator: Montse Daban

- Estonia - a trailblazer and a great exampleHille Hinsberg, Product Manager/Expert on data governance at Proud Engineers

- Belgium - good examples based on national initiativesPetronille Bogaert, Head of EU health information system unit SD Epidemiology and Public Health at Sciensano

- Sweden - the progress during the presidencyMichel Silvestri, Head of Unit at the Coordination Department of the Swedish eHealth Agency

- Spain - what progress are we expecting during the presidency Jordi Piera Jiménez, Director of the Digital Health Strategy Office,
Catalan Health Service
15:45-15:55 Q&A
15:55-16:00Summary of the key messages


Patient Experience



Seminar type

On site only

Objective of lecture


Level of knowledge


Target audience

Management/decision makers
Organizational development
Purchasers/acquisitions/eco nomy/HR
Care professionals
Healthcare professionals
Patient/user organizations


Actual examples (good/bad)
Welfare development
Patient centration
Follow-up/Report of current status
Patient safety
Information security
Government information




Profile image for Anders Ekholm

Anders Ekholm Key-note speaker

Senior Rådgivare
Institutet för Framtidsstudier

Anders Ekholm är nationalekonom och blev 2013 vVD, men numera senior rådgivare på Institutet för framtidsstudier och har en bred erfarenhet från Regeringskansliet där han arbetat med kvantitativ nationalekonomi och har bla varit analyschef på Socialdepartementet men även arbetat på Finans-, Arbetsmarknads- och Utbildningsdepartementen. Han har bland annat arbetat med utveckling av och analyser med mikrosimuleringsmodeller, bland annat med demografi, hälsa, arbetsmarknad, utbildning, skatter och transfereringar. Anders har även varit Analysdirektör på Inspektionen för vård och omsorg.

Profile image for Anna KarinKlomp

Anna KarinKlomp Lecturer

Astma- och Allergiförbundet, Hälso- och sjukvårdspolitiskt ansvarig

Elmir Omerovic Lecturer

MD, PhD, FESC, Professor of Cardiology,
Sahlgrenska & Göteborgs Universitet

MD, PhD, FESC, Professor of Cardiology, Sahlgrenska & Göterborgs Univ.

Profile image for Johan Kahlström

Johan Kahlström Lecturer

President Nordics

Profile image for Karina Tellinger

Karina Tellinger Lecturer

Sveriges kommuner och regioner

Är samordnare och strateg för "Vision e-hälsa 2025". En vision som bygger på en överenskommelse mellan regeringen och Sveriges Kommuner och Regioner (SKR).
Arbetar även med att stödja regioner i införande av digitala tjänster för egenmonitorering. Ytterligare arbetsområde är utvecklingen av ersättningsmodeller för digitala vårdtjänster.

Profile image for Lotta Liljelund

Lotta Liljelund Lecturer

Director Public Affairs
Novartis Sweden

Lotta Liljelund is Director Public Affairs at Novartis Sweden. Before joining Novartis in 2020 she worked 15 years at the Government Offices of Sweden, mainly within life science, research and innovation policy. She has also worked at the Embassy of Sweden in Beijing.

Profile image for Sara Bucher

Sara Bucher Lecturer

Överläkare, Projektledare och verksamhetsutvecklare
Region Örebro Län

Överläkare i Reumatologi.
Verksamhetschef på Reumatologiska kliniken Universitetssjukhuset Örebro 2014-2022
Arbetat med verksamhetsutveckling baserat på tillgängliga utfallsdata från journal, produktion, kvalitetsregister sedan 2013.

Tillsammans med Staben för digitalisering skapat strukturerad journal och automatiserad dataöverföring till kvalitetsregister 2016-2020.

Projektledare Egenmonitorering vid Reumatoid artrit som undersöker möjligheterna till framgångsrik upphandling, klinisk nytta (Örebro Universitet), gemensam utveckling med deltagande av offentlig vård och företag (RÖL och Elsa science).

Arbetar utöver detta med Kunskapsstyrning och införande av COSMIC i Region Örebro län.

Profile image for Ulf Österstad

Ulf Österstad Lecturer

Bra Liv nära, Region Jönköping

Verksamhetschef och Distriktsläkare med stor erfarenhet av digital förändringsledning.

Grundare och chef för Bra Liv nära. En av de första offentligfinansierade digitala verksamheterna i världen 2015. Finns i mer än 40% av regionens telefoner sedan flera år.

Bakgrund bla i nationella styrelser i SFAM/SYLF

Profile image for Montserrat Daban

Montserrat Daban Moderator

Director of Science Policy & Internationalisation

Dr. Montserrat Daban Marín, PhD in Molecular Biology, MSc Science Communication, MA Diplomacy and Foreign Affairs.
Research track in Life Sciences (1987-1999; Barcelona, France, and USA). Since 2006 building the Life Sciences and Healthcare innovation ecosystem in Catalonia (The BioRegion). Current position: Director of Science Policy and Internationalisation at Biocat. Former adviser on R&I and International Affairs for the Government of Catalonia (Department for Research and Universities) (2011-2022). Formerly, Science editor (2000-2006), co-director of the First School on Research Impact Assessment in Catalonia, Spain (2018). VP of the Council of European BioRegion (CEBR); Spanish Expert, Configuration Health, Horizon Europe; member of the Joint Industrial Cooperation Forum of HERA’s Advisory Forum; EIT Health Innostars expert. Coordinator of EU-funded EDAH project on EHDS.

Profile image for Jaanus Pikani

Jaanus Pikani Presenter


Dr Jaanus Pikani is a Chairman of ScanBalt - a health and biotech meta-cluster organization in ScanBalt BioRegion, composed of the health and bioeconomy communities in Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Germany and the Netherlands with more than 60 universities and over 3000 companies active in the region (www.scanbalt.org).

Jaanus Pikani has been a practising surgeon in head and neck oncology, hospital manager of the National Cancer Centre and Tartu University Hospitals (www.kliinikum.ee), secretary general of the Ministry of Social Affairs of Estonia and the chief of staff of the President of Estonia.

Dr Pikani has been an active member of the team that orchestrated transition of the Estonian healthcare from the Soviet-type system to one of the most cost-efficient healthcare systems globally. Dr Pikani was among the initiators and architects of the Estonian Genome Project (http://www.geenivaramu.ee/en), a globally unique population-based health and genome databank of 200,000 participants (ca 20% of the entire Estonian population).

Currently, he is a consultant for the World Bank, WHO and other international organizations, national governments and private companies in health care, medical technology and technology infrastructure.

Jaanus is also a founder and board member of Tartu BT Park (www.biopark.ee), an innovation support entity for technology innovation-intensive business development.

Profile image for Hille Hinsberg

Hille Hinsberg Panelist

Product Manager/Expert on health data
Proud Engineers

Hille is an expert in open government and digital services, working with a team of consultants on digital transformation, Proud Engineers. She coaches teams in government agencies in designing person-centred services and managing data in their workflows. Her previous assignments include advising a policy for Social Innovation for Estonian Government Office. Hille has served on the International Expert Panel of the Independent Review Mechanism, the research arm of the Open Government Partnership (OGP). She worked as a policy analyst at the Open Government unit in the OECD. She is a founding member of Open Knowledge Estonia and active in the Estonian Open Data movement.

Profile image for Jordi Piera Jiménez

Jordi Piera Jiménez Panelist

Director of the Digital Health Strategy Office
Catalan Health Service

Dr Jordi Piera-Jiménez is dually trained in Computer Science Engineering and in Business Management by the Autonomous University of Barcelona. He also holds an MSc in Telemedicine and a PhD in Health Economics from the Open University of Catalonia.

He started working in a service provider organization in 2003, first as an analyst and software developer and second as the CIO. After a few years dedicated entirely to IT, his concerns for improving health and social care services through digital health solutions moved his attention to the research and innovation areas.

In the academic field, Jordi holds various positions in different universities in Catalonia and abroad. He is also the lab lead at the DS3 research group, affiliated with the IDIBELL research institute.

Jordi is currently the Director of the Digital Health Strategy Office at the Catalan Health Service.

Profile image for Michel Silvestri

Michel Silvestri Panelist

Enhetschef, Samordningsavdelningen

Michel är verksam främst inom internationell samverkan, bland annat flera EU-projekt med koppling till hälsodataområden såsom European Health Data Space (EHDS) men även under Nordiska ministerrådet, såsom Nordic Health Data Commons. På nationell nivå är Michel sammankallande i Samverkansgrupp Standarder inom Vision e-hälsa 2025, och har lett arbetet med regeringsuppdrag rörande nationellt hälsodatautrymme för bilddiagnostik.

Profile image for Petronille Bogaert

Petronille Bogaert Panelist

Head of EU health information system unit SD Epidemiology and Public Health

Petronille Bogaert is a project researcher and head of the unit EU health information systems at Sciensano, Belgium. Her work primarily focuses on European research projects in the area of population health information and the re-use of health data. She is coordinating the Population Health Information Research Infrastructure (PHIRI) for COVID-19 which aims to strengthen the exchange of COVID-19 health information with 41 partners in 30 countries. The eight European projects she is involved in include the Joint Action Towards the European Health Data Space, EHDS2 Pilot, HERA-IT, BY-COVID and Healthy Cloud. She is a graduate of a double European Master of Public Health. She also holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s in Biomedical Sciences and has a PhD on the European perspective to support health information systems. She is president of the EUPHA Public health monitoring and reporting and a member of the ESCAIDE Scientific Committee.