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Profilbild för Breaking Barriers: How Grameena Mahila Okkuta is Advancing Women's Right to Livelihood

Breaking Barriers: How Grameena Mahila Okkuta is Advancing Women's Right to Livelihood Har passerat

Torsdag 23 november 2023 16:00 - 16:30 CET Lila scenen

Föreläsare: JAYA Lakshmi, PUSHPA Okkutta,INDIA

India's rapid economic growth has earned it recognition as one of the world's top-performing economies. However, this progress has not been equally distributed, with rural women in particular being left behind due to undervaluation of their work. Women farmers are often paid inadequately or not at all, receiving food as their only compensation. Even government-subsidized work requires rural women to fight for fair wages. Additionally, lower caste women are subjected to social stigma and abuse within their families or from higher caste members.

To combat these challenges, Grameena Mahila Okkuta (Okkuta) organizes women in small towns and provides them with education about their rights and the tools to demand them. Men are included in Okkuta's discussions, and the organization advocates for policy changes to government officials in each town. Okkuta's efforts have resulted in women receiving better access to work and fair compensation, as well as increased community support.

This seminar will delve into Okkuta's effective and impactful strategies for addressing these complex issues. Attendees will gain a deeper understanding and leave with new solutions applicable to similar contexts.


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Profilbild för JAYA Lakshmi

JAYA Lakshmi Föreläsare

Grameena Mahila Okkuta

Jaya is a seasoned rural development professional with 42 years of experience. She currently leads GRAMEENA MAHILA OKKUTA (GMO), a community-based women's organization in Kolar District, Karnataka.

Jaya's expertise lies in Women's Empowerment, Project Management, and the establishment of micro-credit institutions for rural women. She is dedicated to advocating for women's rights, fostering collaborations among women's groups, and promoting sustainable natural resource management. Networking is a cornerstone of her approach, as she actively connects women's organizations, groups, and individuals to create a stronger support system for rural women.

With a Master's degree in Sociology, Jaya's work continues to empower rural women, creating a lasting impact in her community.

Profilbild för PUSHPA Okkutta,INDIA

PUSHPA Okkutta,INDIA Föreläsare

Ms. Pushpa has been a dedicated Programme Coordinator at Grameena Mahila Okkuta for 20 years, working in diverse sectors related to development and women's empowerment.

Her primary focus includes addressing Violence Against Women (VAW) issues, such as dowry harassment and denial of property rights. She offers essential support, including legal assistance and counseling, to women facing these challenges. Additionally, Ms. Pushpa plays a vital role in disseminating information about women's rights and legal safeguards, making a significant impact on her community.

She holds a Bachelor's degree in Arts, which complements her extensive practical experience in advocating for women's rights and empowerment.