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Profilbild för Kenyan civil society coping in a hostile environment

Kenyan civil society coping in a hostile environment Har passerat

Fredag 16 november 2018 13:00 - 13:30 Globala scenen

Talare: George Gachara, Helena Bjuremalm
Moderator: Britt-Louise Andersson

The democratic space for civil society is threatened in many parts of the world. In Kenya, it has become increasingly difficult for civil society organisations to act. Peaceful assemblies are met with violence, human rights groups are routinely exposed to threats and harassment and attempts are made to undermine their activities. Journalists and human rights defenders who work on sensitive issues such as corruption are attacked, prosecuted or even killed. Many organisations and activists are developing new ways of working, innovative forms of collaboration and new arenas. This creates new challenges for civil society, but also for donors and the international community who are promoting a democratic development. 

How is civil society and civic freedoms in Kenya threatened? What practical strategies do Kenyan organisations use to work in an increasingly hostile environment? How can Swedish development cooperation support strategies and innovative ways to counter the shrinking space? George Gachara, Director of the Kenyan NGO The NEST discusses this with a representative from Sida, led by a moderator.


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Profilbild för George Gachara

George Gachara Talare


George Gachara is a Kenyan social entrepreneur, arts manager, and managing partner at HEVA, an East African fund that invests in the social and economic potential of the creative economy sector in East Africa.
He is also a cyclist, writer, film maker and thought leader.

Profilbild för Helena Bjuremalm

Helena Bjuremalm Talare


Helena Bjuremalm är biträdande enhetschef för Sidas demokratienhet och arbetar med bistånd till demokrati och mänskliga rättigheter, inklusive stöd till civilsamhällesorganisationer samt stöd via svenska partianknutna organisationer.

Profilbild för Britt-Louise Andersson

Britt-Louise Andersson Moderator

Forum Syd

Britt-Louise Andersson is Head of Advocacy and Communication at Forum Syd. She has over 15 years’ experience working with advocacy and communication with focus on global development issues in the civil society.