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The conference at Vitalis 2023 consists of several tracks with panel discussions, keynote presentations and studio talks. Most of the content will also be available online via live broadcasts and recorded lectures, available on demand.

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Track: Eng - Reimbursement and market access for digital solutions

With the broad array of digital health solutions (DHS) coming to market, including those classified as medical devices, wellness apps and those used in social care there is a need of assessment programs to ensure safe and effective use.

The first focus in this track are different assessment programs who fully or partially is aimed at solutions outside the Medical Device regulation.

The second focus is to understand the state of the art in the evaluation and decision making for reimbursement of DHS in several European countries, addressing questions like:

  • Is the limited uptake of DHS due to limited evidence for the products or limitations in the evaluation frameworks?
  • What is the experience of the early pioneers of introducing these programs?
  • What are the opportunities to established standardized frameworks for remote monitoring for specific diseases?
  • What are the outstanding questions to create relevant evaluation frameworks?
  • How can a hospital with global budget ensure an effective implementation of DHS?
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