Marine habitats, biodiversity and fisheries - actions to reduce negative degredation in the Baltic Sea Passed

Monday March 6, 2017 14:30 - 15:45 1: Location will be announced on site

Speakers: Gustaf Almqvist, Markku Viitasalo, Markus Lundgren, Sofia Wikström

Block: Three parallel blocks with ambitious implementation cases

Sustainable management of coastal and marine biodiversity: Why is
it important and how do we get there?
Sofia Wikström, Stockholm University Baltic Sea Centre

Marine Spatial Planning in practice: How underwater inventories can
support conservation and sustainable use of the sea?
Markku Viitasalo, Finnish Environment Institute

Need for a broader ecosystem view in Baltic fisheries management
Gustaf Almqvist, Stockholm University Baltic Sea Centre

Angling – the ecosystem-based fishing industry
Markus Lundgren, Swedish Anglers Association

Panel discussions


Gustaf Almqvist Speaker

Researcher, Fish ecology & Fisheries
Researcher, Fish ecology & Fisheries

Research scientist, Stockholm University, Baltic Sea Center

Markku Viitasalo Speaker

Finnish Environment Institute

Research professor, Finnish Environmental Institute

Markus Lundgren Speaker

Conservation manager
Swedish Anglers Association

Acting manager, fish conservation, Swedish Anglers Association

Sofia Wikström Speaker

Baltic Sea Centre, Stockholm University

Research scientist, Stockholm University, Baltic Sea Center. Sofia Wikström works with issues concerning the protection and management of species and habitats in the Baltic Sea.