Land rights – what is the responsibility of investors?

Tisdag 20 april 2021 10:30 - 11:30

Investments in large scale commercial agriculture often come with promises of jobs and additional income but instead mean that small holders are losing their land and possibilities to sustain their families. Human rights are violated, the access to water is threatened and houses of poor standard is offered as compensation. Women are often particularly affected. In Liberia, a country hard hit by conflicts around natural resources and Ebola, oil palm plantations have had devastating effects on small holders who have been forced to leave their land and homes. What responsibility do investors have for their investments in companies that risk violating human rights and undermining peace building? How do we address consequences of an increased deforestation due to the expansion of the oil palm sector and that affects peoples’ living conditions negatively? Which are the guarantees for the local people when investors pull out without providing compensation, as happened during the outbreak of Ebola, and what can we learn from these experiences today? A discussion between representatives from civil society in Liberia, investors, decision makers, researchers and Swedish civil society.  


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