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Profilbild för Who is left behind? - Better data for inclusive development

Who is left behind? - Better data for inclusive development Har passerat

Onsdag 21 april 2021 12:30 - 13:30 6

Moderator: Claudia Arenas
Paneldeltagare: Florence Syevuo, Joakim Stymne, Linus Bengtsson

One of the most important commitments in the 2030 Agenda is the commitment to leave no one behind. It is a promise that everyone, everywhere, shall benefit from progress made and that we will endeavour to reach those furthest behind first. 

When available data is visualised, it becomes clear that the possibilities to benefit from progress and enjoy human rights is often dependent on where you live. At the same time, a lot of things are not a measured. Statistics that are broken down by income, gender, age, ethnicity, religious affiliation, asylum status, disability, and geographical location are all important to capture who and where people are left behind. 

In many countries, these statistics are not available. This is where development aid is making a difference. New methods of collecting data are contributing to increased knowledge and improved efforts for vulnerable people. The Swedish statistical agency SCB is working to strengthen the statistical capacity of low and middle-income countries to enable development of reliable statistics for decision-making. Reliable statistics also strengthen civil society organisations’ ability to influence decision-makers and demand efforts to ensure the promise of leaving no one behind is kept. 

Welcome to a discussion on how we improve and use data to make better decisions so that the realisation of human rights is not dependent on where you may live.





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Claudia Arenas Moderator


Claudia Arenas is Head of Impact and Quality Assurance at ForumCiv. ForumCiv is the largest civil society platfrom in Sweden working to strenghten civil society around the world and advocates for changes that contributes to a just and sustainable world.

Florence Syevuo Paneldeltagare

SDGs Kenya Forum

Florence Syevuo is Country Coordinator at SDGs Kenya Forum. SDGs Kenya Forum is a civil society platform on the 2030 Agenda and is also part of the Leave No One Behind coalition in Kenya.

Joakim Stymne Paneldeltagare


Joakim Stymne is Director General of Statistics Sweden (SCB). Statistics Sweden is a government agency that produces official statistics and has an important role in the follow up of the 2030 Agenda and the commitment to leave no one behind, both nationally and globally.

Linus Bengtsson Paneldeltagare

Flowminder Foundation

Linus Bengtsson is Executive Director of Flowminder Foundation. Flowminder is a Swedish non-profit foundation working with mobile operator data analytics to enable decision makers to access the data they need to transform the lives of vulnerable people, at scale.