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Profilbild för 89. A fourth Nexus? How do we secure a Human Rights approach?

89. A fourth Nexus? How do we secure a Human Rights approach? Har passerat

Fredag 18 november 2022 14:30 - 15:30 Skomakaren

Paneldeltagare: Birgitta Weibahr, David Lieth Dador, Linda Borgheden, Nils Arne Kastberg


We have in recent years seen a shift in the international discourse on violence and prevention. Leading stakeholders now stress the interlinkages between humanitarian, development, and peace interventions – the so-called Triple Nexus approach. Demonstrated in the UN’s “New Way of Working (NWoW)”, actors from all three fields are expected to work together towards collective outcomes. The place of fundamental Human Rights within this Nexus, however, is contested. Some also suggest that discussions on policy formation and the implementation of the Triple Nexus lack sufficient engagement with civil society.

A key question is whether the Nexus takes the Human Rights framework into consideration, resulting in a lack of accountability and coherence, unequal power relations, and exclusion of key groups. Is there a need for a fourth dimension of the Nexus, proclaiming Human Rights for all? If so, how can Sweden advocate for stronger integration of Human Rights approaches in the context of the upcoming Swedish EU presidency in 2023?


LM International / Läkarmissionen


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Birgitta Weibahr Paneldeltagare


David Lieth Dador Paneldeltagare

Advocacy Adviser and Liaison Officer till EU-AU, Läkarmissionen

Linda Borgheden Paneldeltagare

Folke Bernadotteakademin

Nils Arne Kastberg Paneldeltagare

UN Policy expert and former representative in Sudan, UNICEF