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Profilbild för Transitioning the fashion industry – is it just for everyone?

Transitioning the fashion industry – is it just for everyone?

Fredag 15 november 2024 12:30 - 13:30 CET

Moderator: Marlene Rosendal
Paneldeltagare: Anniina Nurmi, Carin Leffler

Many hands are involved in the making of our clothes, most of which have travelled thousands of miles to get to us. Not only are there persistent violations of the worker’s rights, but the global fashion industry also significantly contributes to the climate and biodiversity crises. When calling for a change within the industry, this change needs to include and respect the rights of garment workers, whilst also contributing to climate stabilization and ecological protection. 

This panel discussion will examine how we can ensure that the transition to a more sustainable fashion industry considers both environmental and social factors. The seminar particularly aims to raise the rights holders (garment workers) voices in a just transition in fashion, with a special focus on the roles of fashion companies, governments, NGOs and consumers. The panel will consist of experts from Fair Action and other Nordic NGOs, as well as garment workers from production countries. The audience will have a possibility to interact with the experts during the panel discussion. 


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Marlene Rosendal ModeratorUtställare

Fair Action

Anniina Nurmi Paneldeltagare

Carin Leffler Paneldeltagare

Carin is a professional adviser on the topics of ethics in the supply chain and the Transparency Act. Is coordinator for the Norwegian branch of the Clean Clothes Campaign. Has a master's degree in development studies from the London School of Economics and an intermediate course in anthropology from UiO.