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Profilbild för Data guided intensive home rehabilitation for adult outpatients - Key findings

Data guided intensive home rehabilitation for adult outpatients - Key findings

Föreläsare: Aki Kuivalainen

Spår: Nära vård

Joint municipalities of Keski-Satakunta social&healthcare services is in co-operation with Predicell Ltd. developed together data guided intensive home rehabilitation practices in the project called TOP100. Project has started in January 2020 and is still on-going.

Target for the project was to research if patient sourced health&welbeing data can be utilized for intensive home rehabilitation needs and what could impact for the patient be.

The implementation is designed so that each patient in rehabilitation ward is interviewed and offered to join this TOP100-project. Those who have been volunteer for the project have had data sources, bed sensor and smartwatch already on the ward and they have been demobilized with data sources.

Data provided consist daily activity rate, heart rate, respiratory rate, sleep levels and sleep activity. This data is integrated into user interface for rehabilitation team´s use as one user interface. Changes in individuals situation are visible and practically available for the rehabilitation paths individual design and follow-up. Data sourcing, integration, management, visualization and reporting tools are done by Predicell Ltd. Sensors for data sourcing are selected in co-operation with actors where smartwatches were already available from the previous development project at Keski-Satakunta among occupational healthcare and bed sensors are delivered by Predicell.

Key findings:

- 80% from patients are positive for sourcing data for their rehabilitation process in daily living

- Even 50% increased efficiency in rehabilitation process is possible

- Patients suffering from memory diseases/symptoms aren´t most beneficial for the model

- After 12months of driving the project approx. 10% from the participants has stayed on more active and healthy lifestyle and have started voluntarily to follow-up their welbeing with wearables.

Project is enabled in co-operation with Satakunta DigiHealth-program.




Rehabilitation and habilitation






Management/decision makers
Organizational development
Purchasers/acquisitions/eco nomy/HR
Care professionals
Healthcare professionals
Patient/user organizations


Actual examples (good/bad)
Patient centration
Follow-up/Report of current status,
Patient safety
Information security


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