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National Quality Register platform Passed

Tuesday May 17, 2022 16:00 - 16:30 A5

Presenters: Aaro Mustonen, Lisse-Lotte Hermansson

In Finland, the disease specific quality registers have been developed and implemented in several hospitals nationwide during the past years. The data is collected in standardized format allowing the comparison and benchmarking between the different hospitals.

A common platform for collecting data from different sources is used in many diseases by several hospitals in Finland. The different hospitals have their own data base but the clinical content is same for all allowing the national benchmarking between the hospitals. Data harmonization and standardization is going on even on European level allowing the high-quality data to be more effectively used for international research and to be efficiently combined with other data sources.

The disease specific platform gathers relevant data automatically from the hospitals’ electronic health record systems. The data flows to the platform through integrations, avoiding the unnecessary manual work done by the healthcare professionals. Only certain quality parameters are entered manually by the healthcare professionals.  Patient related outcome data and quality of life data is reported in the disease specific register by the patients. The patients use the digital service that is fully integrated and synchronized with the disease specific quality register and and the submitted data can be reviewed in the disease specific register in real time. All data is gathered in a common database and can be utilized for reports, research, benchmarking and for other purposes to improve the quality of care and to develop better treatments for the patients in the future.




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Aaro Mustonen PresenterExhibitor

Real World Data Manager
BCB Medical Oy

Aaro Mustonen is a Finnish Real World Data Manager in BCB Medical Ltd. He has long experience in life science projects, product management and health care. He has been setting up several health care quality register solutions in Finland. He works closely with Finnish National Institute of Health and Welfare as a consulting expert. M.Eng. Health Tech. (Turku), B.Sc. Nursing (Turku).

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Lisse-Lotte Hermansson PresenterExhibitor

BCB Medical Oy

Lisse-Lotte Hermansson, CSO at BCB Medical Ltd., loves working with science, digital solutions and exceptionally tech savvy individuals. Successful track record in international business development and+ 20 years of global life science experience. Active in EFPIA HTA WG, Orphan WG 2007-11 and chaired MedTech EU (EDMA) HTA and CDx WG 2011-16. Worked with due diligence, HEOR and health policy globally. M.Sc Econ. (Helsinki School of Economics) and M.Sc HE (Karolinska).