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Welcome to our social network InvitePeople
One of the key elements of WorkSpace Sweden is network building. You meet people that you would never meet otherwise and initiate contacts that can make a big difference. Do not miss the valuable opportunity to check out who is participating in the Smarter Industry - and if you want, you can book meetings with the people you particularly want to talk to.

Make your choices
At THREE times during the conference, the program offers parallel TRACKS.


You need to make your choice for the three times 13:30 to 14:00, 14: 35-15: 15 and 15: 40-16: 20. Make your choices as soon as possible. Please select one of the available options at each of these times by clicking on the booking button for your preferred session.

Network and pre-book meetings
Search the list of participants and partners by using the links in the top menu and see who comes to the conference. Then you book meetings. The conference program includes several breaks dedicated to networking and pre-booked meetings.
Update your profile so that other participants can easily find you. When you send a meeting request, your calendars are synchronized so you can find a mutually appropriate time slot. The inquiry comes as an email to the other person confirming through InvitePeople.
If you do not want other participants to be able to view your profile on the network, you can make yourself invisible under Settings.

We wish you many great meetings!