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When you make a purchase or book free tickets on www.invitepeople.com or www.invitepeople.se provided by the Matchmeeting AB, registration no. 556598-6634 (hereinafter referred as "InvitePeople"), you agree to the following conditions:


InvitePeople offers a reservation and sales system of tickets were organizers can sell or distribute their tickets to their clients. InvitePeople is responsible for the technical mediation of tickets through its system. The organizer is fully responsible for their own arrangements and InvitePeople is not responsible for any part of the arrangement. InvitePeople is therefore not responsible for the event's content or implementation and is not liable for any loss to you or any other customer that relates to the event or its organizer. Questions of this type, we refer to the organizer of each event.

Terms of the purchase and booking

This section is not used when booking free tickets.

The right of withdrawal according to the law of distance agreement (distansavtalslagen) does not apply to the purchase of tickets through InvitePeople. Once payment has been made, you are therefore bound by your purchase.

You are responsible to check if an arrangement you booked is canceled or moved to a new date. If an event is canceled, you should immediately contact the organizer who is responsible for questions of possible refund of tickets. If an event is canceled, InvitePeople’s fees you paid in connection with the purchase of tickets, are not refundable.

If you choose to pay by invoice, you are still legally bound to your booking, whether you are attending the event or not. A booking with invoice payment is not confirmed before the invoice is paid. The organizer has the right to cancel unpaid reservations before the event.

InvitePeople reserves the right to cancel bookings or purchases made by you if you do not provide accurate information about yourself or otherwise violates or attempts to circumvent the terms of ticket purchase.


After your booking, you will receive a confirmation on the computer screen, and a confirmation email containing your unique reservation number. This booking number is your proof of reservation. Print out the confirmation or write down your confirmation number and bring to the event. You will not receive any physical tickets or other documents confirmation, unless otherwise stated for the current event.


This section is not used when booking free tickets.

A booking fee can be added to the price of the tickets if it is not already included. Any additional charges to the ticket appear before the payment is made.

Information and management of information

To manage your booking, deliver your tickets and provide information about the event InvitePeople ask for your name and e-mail. Some organizers require more information in the booking process. InvitePeople collect this information, making it available to the organizer and saves it for and in accordance with an agreement with the organizer. The organizer can then come to transfer your personal data to other countries (outside the EU/EEA) for use within here stated purposes. 

InvitePeople is not responsible for how the organizer manages your personal information.

If you wish to obtain information on which personal information InvitePeople store, request InvitePeople to correct or delete inaccurate or incomplete information, you should send a written inquiry/request to InvitePeople via e-mail (support@invitepeople.com).

By accepting these terms, you agree that InvitePeople store your personal data for the purposes and in the manner described above.


InvitePeople is not responsible for, and does not cover loss, caused by disruption, delays, interruptions or other technical circumstance that prevents or hinders the utilization of InvitePeople.

Applicable law

These terms apply to Swedish law.




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