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Vesa Jormanainen Föreläsare

Chief Specialist
Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare

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Effects of the COVID-19 epidemic on the healthcare service system in Finland

Vesa Jormanainen

Chief Specialist, MD MSc Specialist in Public Health
Evaluation of Healthcare and Social Service Provision
Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare

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MD, MSc, Specialist in public health medicine. Current position is Chief Specialist at Performance Assessment of the Health and Social Service System, at the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL), Finland. Previously he worked as the director of operational management to make real large-scale implementation and adoption of the national Kanta services for healthcare, pharmacies and social welfare actors in Finland in 2010–2017. He also has experience in concept building and directing medical technology assessment at the Finnish Medicines Agency in 2009–2010. He has international working experience from major pharmaceutical companies in health economics, outcomes research and pricing as a team manager. Previously he was in the Board of Directors at the European Health Telematics Association (EHTEL, Brussels, Belgium). Currently he is the Chairman of the Finnish Association of Public Health Medicine.