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Business Development Manager
Health Cluster Portugal
Personlig presentation
Joana Feijó holds a degree in Microbiology from the
Catholic University, a master’s degree in Basic and
Molecular Biology and a PhD in Biomedical Sciences from
ICBAS. Near 20 years of her professional career were spent
in the private sector working on business strategy, product
development and commercialization in the Healthcare
industry. From 2015-18 Joana has been developing a tech
start-up on the Tourism area aside with consultancy
projects on the Healthcare sector. Joana worked at
CRITICAL Group between 2009-2015, where she has
passed through different companies: from Critical Health
& Oncaring, through Critical Software and Coimbra
Genomics. Before joining CRITICAL, Joana has worked 3
years at ALERT Life Sciences Computing, as the Director of
Clinical Content and Functional Analysis Dept. During
those years, she has worked on the company
internationalization to the BR, USA, UK and NL markets.
Joana is now part of the Health Cluster Portugal (HCP)
Executive team as Business Development Director.